High Velocity Bowling Move Edition Review (PlayStation 3/Move)- Gameplaybook

How does the retail edition of High Velocity Bowling fare with additional 3D and Move support? Not bad, actually.

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himdeel2939d ago

...and it would be fine if only you could actually curve the ball with the thing. They didn't do a good job of patching this game for move. I prefer the DS3 with this game and it could've been so cool with the Move.

Redempteur2939d ago

tryed it with the DS3..i disliked IT .
Now next month , i'm going to take the move patch ..hoping that it makes the game appealing to me

Theodore872939d ago

It does not take advantage of the move at all. Even worst than the bowling game on the wii. So disappointed. They were given the best motion control tech to date and just fucked it up.

DlocDaBudSmoka2939d ago

its the exact same thing with MOVE as it is with the DS3, only difference is u dont hold the move controller all weird. i didnt like that i still had to press a button to make a selection on where the character stands, and aims. then finally use the move to throw the ball. not intuitive at all. The Wii bowlin is much better. even tho i could flick the wiimote with my big toe and still get a strike. Im waiting for an actaul bowling game like at actual bowling lanes.

Revvin2939d ago (Edited 2939d ago )

I was dissapointed with the Move integration, its easier to play using a Dualshock controller. The aiming etc is no improvement over using a DS3 and I find it nearly impossible to control the spin input. So many really fun games for the Move controller but I was really looking forward to High Velocity Bowling getting patched but its one of the most dissapointing Move games available, I'd give it 2/5 because it could have been so much better. Move support for High Velocity Bowling really just feels like an after-thought tacked on.

2939d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.