G4: Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Review

G4 writes: Is Lords of Shadow a good, albeit familiar game? Absolutely. But is it truly a Castlevania game? That's ultimately up for the diehard fans to decide. For our money, it's close enough to earn our respect…and to tempt our fangs with the promise of even greater blood-letting in the future.

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frankymv2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

solid but nothing earth shattering

I'm more intrigued with enslaved.

deadreckoning6662946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

"solid but nothing earth shattering"

You talking about the game or the review? Cause if ur talking about the game, I'd love to know how you made that determination without playing the full version yet?

ChineseDemocracy2946d ago

"God of War in Europe, with friggin' werewolves"

Sounds good to me, I'll probably pick it up.

divideby02946d ago

^ the God Of War comparisons are totally over now...
especially the game has not scored close to GOW... put an end to this silliness, GOW killer please

UKdoaney2946d ago

This is only compared to GOW3 because it has ALOT of similarities, which one you prefer is down to personal preference. I love GOW3 but i'm deffo going to get this because i like the look and style, maybe i'll like this better i dont know. Wait till i get my mits on it :D

AntoineDcoolette2946d ago

It is scoring quite similarly to God of War. WTF are you babbling about divide?

deafwing2946d ago

loved god of war but castlevania been busting evil doers for decades ... do your thing belmont

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renegade2946d ago

This over enslaved screw scores!

SnakePlissken2946d ago

Same here, enslaved seems more unique and interesting to me and ive been playing castlevania games since the NES days. This is the same GOW, Bayonetta, Dantes Inferno, Devil May Cry recycled stuff we continue to keep seeing. When im ready to get my fill once again on that type of game, this will be the first one i pick up. I have to choose 1 game and its going to be enslaved!

niceguywii602946d ago

Agreed Enslaved is going to be good it's the top downloaded demo on XBL and already in the top 10 or so rated demos on XBL.

8thnightvolley2946d ago

funny how u come up with that conclusion, coz from where i stand this game is fantastic.. from the reviews to the game length and the athmostphere i could keep going ... y i cant wait for this game.

wicko2946d ago

Far more excited for Castlevania, especially after watching that 11minute release trailer. Not to mention with Kojima behind it, I can't imagine this game being a poor experience.

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jack_burt0n2946d ago

Good review glad he stated some facts others are trying to glaze over, still worth a buy if you like greek god slaying.

clank5432946d ago

I don't think it was a good review at all. I agree with the god of war comparisons, mind you, but all the other reviews said that about 1/3 of the way through the game to the end it is all in castles. It sounds like they didn't really play the ENTIRE game. They didn't say anything about the magic, the boss battles, or really anything even relatively interesting about the game. My guess is they only played halfway through.

N311V2946d ago

I agree it appears that way from the 3 minute video summary of the actual written review, click the link and read the review and you'll find its all in there.

jc485732946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Yea, Castlevania fans will miss the glorious times battling evil inside the castle. It's really not the same old school castlevania game, which is rather unfortunate. Sigh...I think the game deserves an alternative title.

Pandemic2946d ago

Game is looking great, great score too.

NYC_Gamer2946d ago

this game has nothing to do with should be its own stand alone title

Neckbear2946d ago

Although I can't really judge that 'till I have the full game in my hands.

Oh well, I'm sure it'll still be fun, be it Castlevania or not.

BigMassacre2946d ago

Would you rather have them take Simon Belmont and turn him into some European, shotgun wielding soldier who utilizes silver bullets and grenades laced with special holy ashes?

Be thankful they at least went with an original storyline instead of butchering the established classics. If you want to really complain, yell at Capcom.

NYC_Gamer2946d ago

i'd rather them keep true to the Castlevania franchise instead of this mainstream crap

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