Metroid Other M Review - When did gamers get so sensitive? |

Metroid Other M has kicked up quite a cloud of sexism debate. GameCrasher's Boris gives you a level assessment of Metroid Other M.

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tunaks12943d ago

anyone still upset with Samus in Other M,
go watch GameOverThinker

Shoko2943d ago

Please do. After watching that video, nothing else should be said.

DarkSideRob2943d ago

But you should also read the article...because it's good. Oh and yea, this post is not about GameOverThinker. Just sayin.

tunaks12943d ago

just recommending a video which i think clears up any confusion.

BorisTI2942d ago

That's fine, but did you read the article here to contrast what is said at Game Over Thinker?

If not then it's not really relevant to this article. I'm all about supporting material, but supporting material is supposed to support, not replace the article for which this post is made.

BorisTI2942d ago

Ok, I took the time to watch the video and he's right about the gameplay, the sexism debate and the mother issues, but completely wrong about the empty shell characterization.

Samus actually has a rather extensive history to her. Game OverThinker speaks as though he has no idea what the significance of K-2L is, or what happened to Samus when she was three (for a hint, look at the Other M live action trailer. She's three in the shot with Ridley (though the actor looks older)). The problem is that the story isn't really covered much during the games, it's all in the supplemental material. Other M represents the first attempt to bring that supplemental lore into a full narrative, but they picked a very weird place to start, so hence the fan reactions.

What needs to happen is that more games need to backtrack and retell the Metroid stories so that modern audiences actually know about her history so they can better understand the events in Other M. The Metroid series at least has the respect to remain true to the supplemental fiction and not abandon it like Halo or Star Wars when the newest iteration of the main franchise comes out.

Now if you'd like to comment further about Game OverThinker, feel free to read the article in this post to contrast, but Game OverThinker certainly isn't the end all reaction and in fact has part of his facts wrong. Sorry.

DarkSideRob2941d ago

You're forgetting the internet doesn't like to read. If you suggest a video...nine times out of ten, they'll choose the video over the text. Snark aside, we really do want people to read the article.

BorisTI2939d ago

Yea, I just need to own up and get a capture card.

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Xander-RKoS2942d ago

In terms of the story and the character development. Samus' character development is suppose to have been a direct result of the baby. So we had two earlier games set up her change in character which is why Samus at the beginning of the game, Samus in her flashbacks, and Samus at the end of the game are completely different characters.

I always felt that the scene with Ridley was both supported by the game's narrative (Samus mentions in the first cutscene that Ridley was "finally" gone), and kind of a shot out for people who knew about her earliest relationship with him. I really don't think, in the context of the game, you absolutely needed to know that Samus' parents were killed by Ridley simply because in the context of earlier games, Ridley had no way of coming back. It was very much like seeing a ghost, and if you look at the imagery of that scene, the developers definitely played with a Hell motif when introducing him.

BorisTI2942d ago

I agree with this partially. Remeber though, there's a vast difference between catering to fans with greater knowledge of the narrative and presenting the exact information needed to relay to the player in this stand-alone copy of Other M the importance of the events.

The Ridley event was huge for Samus. One line at the beginning of the game isn't enough to illustrate the importance of him. Seeing a "ghost" in or out of hell isn't enough to scare Samus to her core. It takes something far more personal. I saw that scene without knowing the Ridley backstory and it made no sense to me why that would scare her more than anything. I took the time to research it later and only then understood the appropriateness of it. It was appropriate and interesting, it just needed clearer definition within the walls of Other M.

It also made more narrative sense when watching chronological cutscenes in the Theatre mode because the time gap between me hearing that line and seeing the Ridley event was tighter. That's the problem with subtlety in video games. Frequently the player will take too much time in between play sessions causing detail lines like that get forgotten.

As for the characterization, I agree that the flashback character is very different from her present day character, but I don't think the game demonstrated any of it to the audience. The game mostly just drew parallels to her rookie self, which isn't flattering to her present day character. As for her change due to the baby, it isn't covered in the scope of Other M. It's mentioned, but we as an audience have no basis to compare what she was like in the two games prior. Fans do, which is great, but it's not enough for people jumping in at Other M. The question always needs to be asked "What are first time players getting from this?".

You know and I know there's a greater development occurring for her character, but this is the most detailed and mainstream depiction of the Samus storyline and characterization, so as far as many Metroid players are concerned, this is the most they know about Samus. My stance is that what is depicted within the scope of Other M wasn't enough to clearly demonstrate the real qualities of Samus's present day character. I don't agree that Team Ninja has "destroyed" Samus, but rather that they picked an unflattering time in the character's journey start their exploration into who she is. There needed to be more setup before they showed this angle on her.


tunaks12942d ago

I went back to the Manga (online) and the opening where she is traumatized lying still really stood out to me, reminded me of Other M.

While reading it, its clear that Samus as a character hasn't really changed in Other M- its just the first time everyone worldwide has seen her character development.