Bobby Kotick Just Destroyed Activision

SystemLink: "It's gone, pretty much. Totally destroyed. Remember a while back when everyone thought EA were the ultimate 'evil empire'? Well, over these past few years, EA have produced some quality games while Activation's been getting on everyone's bad side. Now, Bobby Kotick just destroyed any chance of Activision losing the new 'Evil' tag."

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Beahmscream3539d ago

Someone should take his head off. Oh God, how I’m praying for that. How is possible that somebody so stupid can be on that position? Who put him there? That’s the question. Morons like him are very dangerous when they have the power he has.

Dragun6193539d ago

Bobby Kotick been destroying Activision's reputation and image.

I pray for Bungie's safety and their 10-Year Publishing Deal with Activision.
Hopefully, Bobby won't have any bright ideas with Bungie's new IP.

HammockGames3539d ago

Devs under Activision's banner must shudder every time he opens his mouth => nothing good ever comes out of it.

To this point it seems like his bravado hasn't hurt sales, but probably just because most gamers don't visit social gaming sites like this one (and so have no clue what a total jackass they're giving their money to).

The only innovation Kotick has brought to the industry is new ways to wring extra dough out of gamers. When it comes to that, the guy is frickin' Michaelangelo.

Game-ur3539d ago

From now on it's only rent or buy used for Activision games.

Ju3539d ago

It's a shame that Bungie went that route. That really limits the chance I will ever play a game from them...

Kahvipannu3539d ago

Propably Activision forces Bungie to make MW3.. I hope not..

MAR-TYR-DOM3539d ago

When i read "Bobby Kotick Just Destroyed Activision" i kinda got happy. :p anyone else?

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mjolliffe3539d ago

Man this guy needs to leave. I wonder what he's actually thinking right now...

AntoineDcoolette3539d ago

He's thinking of how he can push Bungie to develop and release their new IP on an annual milking basis.

dangert123539d ago

This guy imagine if sony ms and nintendo merged and he was lead ceo

actually dont

the thought is pretty ugly

Christopher3539d ago

Activation? What is that?

bjornbear3539d ago

a very big cooperation =(

so many mindless gamers just "lolz wtv gna get CODBO gna be wicked yeh"

and i don't have a problem with people buying and enjoying the game...

I have a problem with people being completely ignorant to the fact that kotic will be counting money for every single purchase laughing his ass off while he kicks puppies into the fire place.


GiantJedi3539d ago

What happened to that awsome company that brought me the masterpiece that is spider-man on ps1?...

number473539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Simple answer:

"ZOMG DLC cant wait!!!"
"ZOMG premium pay service... ok.. but CANT WAIT!!"
"ZOMG AAA Reviews, (on the same game that could have really just been a patch update... CANT WAIT!!!"
"ZOMG Gimp the PC version? SO WHAT WE WILL STLL BUY IT!"

I noticed the douchery early on, stopped spending my money with these guys. They want to monopolize everything, and create a world where you pay everything you can for their underwhelming games that don't require yearly releases. EA may have been evil to their employees, and yes, the games have stagnated.. but there are few glimmers of hope in their portfolio like the Battlefield series..

Kotick is about milking... and hes not afraid to announce it. Why buy into it?

karl3539d ago

bubbles dude...

wish people would just get that... i haven bought a cod game since cod2
waited months for simple patch to fix some issues .. and never came
instead they focus in cod3 only for console and then cod 4.....

Activision will never care for gamers.. and i wont care for them

cayal3539d ago

You do realise that most gamers do not give a crap about the people behind the games. They just play the games. They don't follow the politics and all that behind it.

Truth3539d ago

+Bubbles number47

I was happy EA started turning around, just hope Activision can before it's too late.

Spydiggity3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Activision will turn around the very moment all the mouth breathers stop giving them money. and guess what...that's not going to happen.

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ico923539d ago

argruably the most hated company in gaming history ? i have no idea why people used to demonise EA if anything they've been one of the most supportive dev's this gen, Free DLC, supporing games that are like 2 years old, opening the doors to new ip's

JoelR3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

EA made many "evil" moves. They have been getting better and have been working on their corporate culture. They are by no means perfect but they are much better then they were 5 years ago.

this was big news 6 years ago.... and was for the next 2 years

gcolley3539d ago

@ico92 - you are clearly delusional. you act like if 1 is evil the other can't be. EA is up there right next to activision and rarely give free DLC.
my 2 main EA franchises: bad company 2 release DLC that is already in game. they will be charging for vietnam because that is not in game. skate 3 release paid DLC, time and time again, of things that should have been in the game like party mode. they had it in 1 and 2 removed it from 3 and then charged to put it back in.

both EA and activision will destroy the concept of DLC

CaptainMarvelQ83539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

He has probably been bullied around a lot in school

it's ok Kotick,don't hold your personal emotions against people that have nothing to so with it

Imperator3539d ago

The only thing I agree on is the Kinect pricing, but then again MS and Activision are very, very similar.

Soldierone3539d ago

Microsoft can get unprofesional at times, but they went as far as to say Sony is full of talentless idiots that never do anything correct. They actually show respect when they are supposed to. A hit in the crotch here and there is nothing like what Kotick does.

ThanatosDMC3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

"Someone should take his head off."

If you mean literally, that's impossible. It just grows back.

Edit: I'm wondering if Acti has anything to do why SC2 is taking forever to balance underpowered Zerg. If they go with, "buy the expansion so you could get lurkers and scourge back," it'll be such BS.

kesvalk3539d ago

i am sure it's the reason why we have a game made in 3 parts, no lan, net play only and gimped gameplay...

Sheikh Yerbouti3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )


Somebody other than Kotick should be doing these interviews. This isn't classy at all. So what's next?

Let's get gangster - just from CVG:

"Kotick's relationship with studio talent is well documented in litigation," an EA spokesperson told CVG this evening.

"His company is based on three game franchises - one is a fantastic persistent world he had nothing to do with; one is in steep decline; and the third is in the process of being destroyed by Kotick's own hubris."


bobcostus3539d ago

As much as Kotick pisses me off, his quote was taken completely out of context in this instance. CVG sucks.

TrevorPhillips3539d ago

The people that put him in that position is the "Illuminati's."

Those dumb piece of Sh$%^!

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Valay3539d ago

Activision has been getting a lottttt of backlash lately.

jony_dols3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

Deservedly so.

What have they done in the past year that warrants any praise?

And then Kotick letting fly and throwing insults at everyone in the gaming industry for no reason.

I wouldn't mind if they actually were developing new Ip's or revamping franchises, instead they just churn out their repackaged versions of COD & GH.

jakethesnake3539d ago

Unfortunately they have also been getting a lot of $$ lately - and that goes a lot farther than any public backlash would. Until the dollars start talking, don't expect Activision to change.

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chasegarcia3539d ago

is this guy really saying all this stuff or is it the media???

XXXCouture3539d ago

its a business strategy. the gaming industry have evovled extremely much in the latest 10 years, the good thing about it is we get more and better games. the bad side though is that these business men see all the money and dont hesitate to intervene. all this talk from kottick might sound weird to you, but he isnt talking to gamers. mostly investors who doesnt know shit about gaming but wants to buy some gaming shares so they can get a bite of the cake. this will get him hated by gamers, but investors who dont know what a IP is would much rather trust in his business than EA's, because he talks "business-language". . well its not so black and white as i make it sound, but just to make you understand better :)

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