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In football, sometimes it's not about the big signings or the headline additions. Take Ferguson's United; at its spine are the same core players that have helped the club dominate domestic football for the best part of a decade, and no number of star signings elsewhere in Manchester look likely to change that. EA Sports' FIFA 11 is a similar proposition; there are no grandstand new features to dazzle and no major upheavals to the existing formula, but that doesn't stop it from being the best FIFA yet and by extension perhaps the best football game there's ever been.

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TrevorPhillips3332d ago

I know I posted this article and I know this game got a 9.5 out of 10 but holy crap that's an impressive score for a soccer game. Getting this for sure!

mastiffchild3332d ago

It'd been gathering big scores, tbh, and for a FOOTBALL game(sorry but "soccer" means nothing to me)it's really impressive. Having played some nof the review code I'm tempted to say it's deserving of them and, for it's genre, it's nigh on perfect and continues the amazing rise of Fifa from PES wannabe to dominant force. Seriously, I don't think ANY game this year in any genre has gone quite as close to being perfect as this-and for a sports game where everyone traditionally moans about yearly releases and changes to gameplay that's REALLY impressive. The team they have on this have worked wonders and as a former PES fanboy I have to say, though it makes me feel dirty, that this is about as good as a footy game is likely to get.

The true 360 degree movement and removal of mindless ping pong passing has really impressed me and I'm looking forward to seeing how human controlled keepers affect online 22 man games. Brilliantly done, EA, can't praise them enough and were I daft enough to thi8nk GOTY should exist I'd seriously, even as a sports title, be considering this as just about favourite just on how improved it is on an already VERY good Fifa10.

Kurt Russell3332d ago

I officially converted from PES to Fifa 10 not long ago... Definitely
worth a purchase (:

turok3332d ago

welcome back to the path my son.

when it comes to real football games FIFA does it like no other.

Kurt Russell3332d ago

For a while I would have argued PES was the better one, but I think the last couple of years Fifa has re-taken the crown :)

ChronoJoe3332d ago

They gave the last one a 9.3. Now there review scale has changed, 9.3 would be a 9.5. So in effect this could very well be the same score, as the last game, and the one before that... not really a surprise.

Still, I played it and it was pretty great. Improvements were subtle but if you played 10 or 9 alot you'd notice the changes, alot.

vTuro243332d ago

That's pretty impressive, I'll try the demo this weekend.

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