The 5 weirdest moments in otherwise normal games

BeefJack: Every now and then even the most serious games let their guard down and throw in something so weird you can’t help but raise an eyebrow, thinking ‘What the hell is going on?’

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EditorAtGNG3175d ago

Condamned is considered a normal game? What?

M1chl3175d ago

I FKING want another Condemned. I bought a console for second, because first was totaly awesome...

saladthieves3175d ago

Agreed. Both Condemned games were very good. I just got done replaying them last week actually.

FunkMcnasty3175d ago

I LOVED the Condemned games.. The first one was one gem of a launch title for the 360! And the second one is waaay improved and has a much better combat mechanic!

RE: Uncharted 2... did anyone else NOT think it was weird when Lazaravich drank the blue potion at the end and gained superhuman power? I thought that was fairly straightfoward. we were led to believe that there was something special about that blue resin from the very beginning of the game...the heist mission where Drake lights the resin to read the map..

Quagmire3175d ago

He chose Uncharted 2? Really. I wouldve chosen Uncharted 1. Why? Cause we falsely believed it was a realistic game, until you got into an old dark decrepit enemy bunker and find out there are MUTHER-FCUKING ZOMBIES!

Undeadwolfy3174d ago

I agree. I played through the whole game with this mindset of realism and that all this could be a true story and then, those crawled zombies thongs that look like they were taken from one of the Black Ops zombie maps. Still a great game though. Threw me for a loop

Quagmire3174d ago

Now we know that every Uncharted game will have a supernatural theme, or will ND pull a fast one and have us instead waiting for the supernatural theme, only for it to never show up!