Baldur's Gate 3 Fan Makes It Playable In First-Person

The Elder Scrolls: Baldur's Gate 3.

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Becuzisaid34d ago

Kinda cool I guess. Seems they just allowed the camera to zoom in right on top of the characters head and then able to control movement like a fps. Makes me wonder what the game would be like if I didn't ever zoom way out and scroll over the environment to check out for enemies nearby almost constantly.


Baldur's Gate 3 PC Optimized Settings and Benchmarks

Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the most replayable games ever made with a 1000-hour playtime or more. However, it can be quite taxing on modern CPUs. Let's have a look at how it performs on one if the fastest gaming processors and how to optimize it.

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Larian after Baldur's Gate 3: "We have ambitions to make really good RPGs, and that's sufficient"

"Treat your players as you would like to be treated, that's it," Vincke says when asked about how to maintain trust with a game's community.

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"You're an idiot," BG3 boss says of studios firing tech artists, "we're hiring them to work for us"

"They can define so many things and they know your games"

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anast50d ago

The companies that fire creative talent that demand high compensation are not looking to make good games. They just need someone to disguise a monetization scheme. The goals are different. They would be idiots if they were looking to make a solid game and fired solid talent, but they are not, so they are not idiots when it comes to their goals. However, they are idiots if they think it's sustainable.

Becuzisaid49d ago

"They just need someone to disguise a monetization scheme."

The most true statement on the Internet today.

raWfodog49d ago

This is along the same lines of them cancelling or abandoning tried-and-true IPs just to create cash grabs games. It really makes a difference when the top people love games and love what they do. It shows in the final product.

CantThinkOfAUsername49d ago

Hopefully, you don't let BG3's success get to your head and become CDPR 2.0.

isarai49d ago

There really is gonna be a divide between the corporate games and the crafted games.

anast49d ago

Good. Corporate can go to mobile that way we can get our hobby back on the right track.

RiseNShine49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

That's why some guys make "game of the year" games, and other make, well, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.