What sort of hackery is happening with Xbox Live and FIFA?

An alarming number of 360 users are reporting that their Xbox Live accounts have been compromised and, curiously, used to purchase content for EA’s FIFA 11 and 12 games. It’s a curiously specific problem; gamers have been alerted via mail that purchases were made against their Xbox Live tags – some to the tune of hundreds of dollars – and have found that FIFA 11 or 12 were played on their accounts. Many of the affected don;t even own FIFA…so what’s the deal?

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GavinMannion2923d ago

What I don't get is why this isn't being reported widely, could you imagine if it was happening on the PSN?

The Internet would have exploded by now

StanLee2923d ago

Because to connect to Fifa or any recent EA game, you have to connect to EA servers. It's seems strange also that the only content being purchased is EA's.

JokesOnYou2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Well the answer is simple really, whatever problem there is it seems to be very isolated, and thus its obviously not going to be reported by every site because common sense says at this point theres not much evidence to suggest its a big deal.....even in your own news thread(which is a regurtitation of ars technica article with no new data) which admits " It's a curiously specific problem" only revelant to Fifa for a "limited" amount of users.= Thats really vague, so as far as we know this is no more than a glitch for a small amount of consumers that maybe a quick fix with a small patch, actually any online site, service, or business with millions of online accounts will experience several hundred to thousands of minor glitches or problems daily due to traffic, its unfortunate for those small few but the reality is they are a tiny fraction of far less than .1% vs 99.9% who are not having these issues judging specifically on the ars technica link, which is well within accepted functionality for any business since NOTHING IS PERFECT, and before you go screaming "hey but if it was sony" Id tell you there are plenty of isolated/minor glitches/ problems gamers have experienced with psn accounts other than the big problem from the hack we all know about that rightfully was NOT made a big deal, with that said this is far from the wide scale hack psn had which sony admitted to somewhat late and ultimately led them to shutdown their entire network completely for nearly a month. You seem like you' re looking to sensationalize this news by implying both are on the same level despite lacking evidence to support such a claim. Maybe Lazyjournalism would be a more appropriate site name.

GavinMannion2923d ago

Actually Gamingdroid is closer to the truth, if it was related to the PSN the internet would explode as the PSN now has a history of being hacked ;)

Just so you know I didn't write this article either, I just submitted it to N4G as I really thought people should know about this. I'm a FIFA fan myself and this worries me

gamingdroid2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Because this is old news and the fact that it seems only a handful of people have been affected so far. It's just the same people being reported, over and over in amateur blogs.

If this did affect PSN, the internet would explode, because it has a history of being one of the largest hacked event. If the Xbox 360 was hit with another defective hardware (even if it is small) it likewise would get the same treatment.

News these days are about sensationalism, not to actually report news....

radphil2923d ago


I'm one of those people affected. Granted it's not widespread, SOMEONE from EA really needs to answer about this, because it's annoying that I have to wait for about a month before the investigation is finished.

Dart892923d ago

Come on we all know we clicked cuz of the pix:P.
*Lowers head in shame*.

GavinMannion2923d ago

The pic's designed to suck you in... we just hope it makes you read the article which is very valid indeed..

Also the pic's bigger through the link ;)

SITH2923d ago

If being offsides is wrong, I don't wanna be right.