Warhawk reviewer attacked PS Home

Rob Smith, former OXM Editor-In-Chief: "Suck it up, Sony. Xbox 360 has you licked. As promising as Home is, by the time it matures, the 360's integrated approach and rapidly expanding media options could see it completely out of sight."

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23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

If this influenced the Warhawk review, that is just not acceptable. I'd hope that any editor would not hold their personal biases towards the review marks of games on other systems.

Also, the way he wrote this makes him seem quite unprofessional. He rips on Sony quite aggressively.

Edit: Post #14 -- couldn't agree more.

@below: Clearly I'm criticizing Rob Smith, no one should let their personal preference affect a review.

kingofps36146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

- deleted by Microsoft -

***Kingofps3 will by executed by morning for his act of bravery.
- Bill "Evil XBoss" Gates

23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? I'm saying that this would be a poor reason to give Warhawk a bad review.

The editor himself seems totally biased though, I'm not arguing that.

kingofps36146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

- deleted by Microsoft -

23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

I'm saying I would hope that people in general would NOT allow their biases to influence reviews.

larry0076146d ago

so ofcourse he fabricated the LAIR and WARHAWK reviews

ROB was injected into PSM by MS to give bad reviews to PS3 games

look at this

***************************** ******************************* ****

Playstation 2. Do you own one and will consoles kill PCs or will the two mate and produce unholy offspring?

No. Never will. Got a DVD player, so why do a I need one. And no they won’t kill the PC because regardless of whether people like it or not, there’s a social mentality built around the PC beyond gaming (home accounts, creating crappy holiday cards on the old printer, surfing for porn, writing resumes…) that won’t be replaced by any of the new handhelds, and won’t be available through consoles. It’s a huge argument, and not one to go into here, but PCs are here to stay (for at least the next five years). But X-Box will kill the PS2 (tee-hee).


How could they hire fanboy like him

***************************** ******************************* ******

ROB was also EIC of OXM magazine


Link: gameindustry.biz
PSM: Independent PlayStation Magazine, Future US Inc.’s leading publication devoted to coverage of Sony’s console, has appointed Rob Smith as Editor In Chief. Prior to his position as Associate Publisher for both magazines, Smith contributed as Associate Publisher of Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) and before that, as Editor In Chief of the publication.

***************************** ******************************* *

ROB was injected into PSM by MS to do dirty tricks.

MS also paid paramount 150million for 1.5 year exclusive deal..
see the TIPS section for proof

23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

Again, I'm saying that it's stupid if he let his bias influence the Warhawk review, and that he shouldn't have ripped on Home like he did. I'm not commenting on whether his bias led to the review score of Warhawk or not. Personally, I'm waiting for IGN's review.

kingofps36146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

- deleted by Microsoft -

23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

Read post #14. He sums what I'm saying up very well.

Violater6146d ago

isn't even remotely funny.
From here on out games I am on the fence about wont get bought unless the Demo wow's me.
Reviews are no longer a factor.
Too much politricks

kingofps36146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

- deleted by Microsoft -

***Kingofps3 will by executed by morning for his act of bravery.
- Bill "Evil XBoss" Gates

23478ueyur_9382236146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

I've changed the post so it's clearer.

To sum it up: no editor should let their personal bias affect a review. If they do, they are not good reviewers.

I'm not defending this guy at all, I'm criticizing him if he ripped Warhawk because of his bias.

@Anego: He misunderstood my post. I guess I'll have to be blatantly clear next time.

@Anego: double agree. bubbles for you. I hope this does not happen again.

@king: I think ripping any system like that in any mag is unacceptable. Well let's just forget about the argument now that we're clear.

Anego Montoya FTMFW6146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

this argument is ridiculous.



its all good, you guys are just wasting your bubbles on NONSENSE, i`d just rather you`d use them else where. Both of you always got interesting things to say.

edit: thanks. bubble for you as well.

oh, it`ll happen again. LOL.
it happens to the best of us.


i know. but you guys are burning up bubbles over the WAY he said it.
don`t bug SATANAS w/ that stuff. Go find First Knight or someone(ya know), who deserves to be disected. LOL.

thanks, bubble from me as well.

"deleted by MS" thats hilarious.

The Brave 16146d ago

there are so many conspiracies that i can think of as to some of the reviews of lair and warhawk.its all propaganda.dont think that because a mag says psm its affiliated with sony.these are independent companies.i saw lair get eights and 9s,warhawk even better.thats a big gap between 5,and 9 0r 6 and 9.how can you deduct points to a game because its made to be played online only?why not just deduct 2.5 points off of SOCOM:CONFRONTATION before its even out IDIOT.What im trying to say is times changing in the gaming world and in a multi-billion dollar industry anything is up for grabs including opinions.

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the worst6146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

they would have found him with a suicide note
with a bullet hole in the back of his head
(somethings you just dont do)

s8anicslayer6146d ago

The only thing this post is going to do is start another flamewar!

macalatus6146d ago

Satanas, it isn't your fault if this becomes flamebait (seriously, are there any news, remotely or otherwise, that isn't a flamebait to fanboys?). News are still news. Though I understand your position that there is no direct proof that Rob Smith somehow influenced the Warhawk review, such implications are still glaring as hell. Heavens forbid if IGN becomes somehow influenced by PSM's review. If this was the jury selection, no way in hell Rob Smith is going to be picked!

nomuken6146d ago

FACT. Waiting for reply(s) LOL.

A Man6146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

Wa? Games? Ok then. LOL

Edit: BTW Bioshock just got 9.5/10 on gametrailers.

hac-hunter6146d ago (Edited 6146d ago )

Dude, I like your avatar...who is that nomuken??

DEADEND6146d ago

This really going to start a flame war.