Review Round-Up - PlayStation Move [Hardware and Software]

PlayStation Move, the new motion sensing controller from Sony, is getting a lot of buzz these days with the US release date drawing nearer and nearer (in Europe it has already been released in stores and is ready to buy or test). The gaming websites are filled with information about it: reviews for the hardware and games which support it, video gameplays, hands-on, interviews, unboxings; but is it really worth getting at launch or not buying it at all?

Here’s what the critics have to say about the controller itself, which Sony likes to tag as a “new platform”:

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WildArmed2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Nice I was looking for an article like this!

Oh God, This just convinced me to buy Sports Champions x_x
It sounds like a fun party game

darkdoom30002951d ago

Not just a fun party game, It's a fun game in genral. I've mainly been ...playing with myself... and i've had loads of fun.

Table tennis is my personal favourite. just because it best showcases the 1:1. Seeing the paddle move exactly like I want is awesome.

A Cupcake for Gabe2951d ago

I just got move today. Sports champions is great. Gladiator is awesomely fun. I played archery w/ 2 moves and it's fucking outstanding. Also EyePet is pretty kickass(so maybe the core can love kinectimals). I suck at Ping Pong cause it really accurate you can't just stand there. If you're not plying for real the game will destroy you. I'm installing the demos now to try out Time Crysis. So far te move is superb. XMB navigation is excellent, but typing is still better other ways. Overall it's an A+ product and I am happy that motion HD 3D gaming has delivered and is full of epic Win!!!!!

gta_manic2951d ago

I just got the move starter and extra controller for 170(CND) and have been playing stops champ for quite a bit and i am addicted to the ping pong... trying to beat boomer... on bronze...i suck at the game

Mr2Good32951d ago

I picked up sport champions today, its a fun game. I just cant wait for socery to come out. Im thinking about buying that chinga game out the psn store. the demo was fun and its only 10 bucks.

InfectedDK2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

The CNET review is really laughable and almost sounds sarcastic.
"The bad: PlayStation Eye monopolizes a USB port." HUH!?
Sounds like they needed some "bad" things to make up for the low 6,5 score.

jneul2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

CNET report for MS what do you expect, and I agree they made up thing to give them an excuse to take away points, so when kinect comes out they can try and make kinect look better.

foss32951d ago

I got the bundle with Sports Champions.. After seeing this I'll probably pick up Tumble too.

Mr2Good32951d ago

yup later on tonight I am pulling out the old debit card and buying tumble. and I agree with the kung fu rider review. who the hell will buy that garbo for 40 bucks, and it has no demo.

Kurisu2951d ago

There is a demo of Kung Fu Rider on PSN (EU). I've downloaded it, but I've yet to try it as I don't actually have a Move controller yet! I agree with you that it does look awful though.

Theoneneo812951d ago

yeah sports champions is fun even eye pet is pretty fun to if you just wanna have a game to relaxin and chill out with.

ActionBastard2951d ago

Sports Champs is fun and the Tumble demo sold me. This is some great motion tech.

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