Two Worlds II could set world record with magic system.

Corey Rollins Writes: Long story short, the magic system in this game could set a world record for offering the largest selection of customizable unique spells. During our play test at PAX, SouthPeak Games confirmed they will allow players to craft an insane number of spells. 10 to the power of 16 to be exact.

Incase you're wondering what that looks like, the exact formula is:

10,000,000,000,000,000 + Harry Potter crying in the corner = Two Worlds II

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HeroXIV3045d ago

Yep. The thing that made me the hyped the most was TW customization options. The game is going to exceed everyones expectations. It'll come out of nowhere and end up being a hidden gem.

The MP components, oracle, hunting, sailing, mount riding, sword-play, story and much more are also pretty stand-out features.

RPGs coming soon (Gothic 4, Fallout NV, Fable 3) aren't really doing as much as TW2 is. You'll laugh at me... but it's because you have a pre-determined response whenever someone says "Two Worlds".

Forbidden_Darkness3045d ago

I'm really hoping Two Worlds 2 will pull a Demons Souls and become something special indeed. I'm going to wait and see what others think, but im hoping it'll be awesome, I would love another RPG to play.

Dj C43045d ago

Totally agree. The new Two Worlds engine makes a huge difference. The new magic, create a player and combat systems are fantastic. I really hope the story backs up the seemingly solid gameplay and feature set. Could have a sleeper hit on our hands!

NoOoB1013044d ago

Im getting two games next month, And im stuck between Gothic 4 or two worlds 2 =/

The customization in two worlds 2 seems really good..ugh. Help? haha
What online component are in two worlds?

Dj C43042d ago

Co-Op questing is on the list :D

ThanatosDMC3044d ago (Edited 3044d ago )

It's not surprising since the magic system is based of a weird card system. Basically, magic is augmented by a booster card which could make it powerful but more expensive, less expensive, last longer, etc. Only played the first for maybe 12 hrs or so... it's impossible to kill villagers sadly.

I hope it doesnt fail and trumps Oblivion since i want a game like Oblivion but better. Gothic 4 or whatever number is another game im curious about.

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ASSASSYN 36o3044d ago

I am looking forward to this game and I am glad it was pushed back which only helps it succeed plus I want to have time for it with Fallout vegas and fable just weeks away.

Dj C43044d ago

hhahah yes Fallout will consume my life for a bit too. Was also glad to hear Two Worlds II release got bumped back a bit

lucifon3044d ago

But within a week of each other we have Fable 3, Fallout New Vegas, Two Worlds 2, Sims 3 Console and DJ Hero 2. Would quite like to get them all, but that is one damn expensive 7 day period :(

ASSASSYN 36o3042d ago

Two worlds comes out in January 2011.

Zinc3044d ago

I've been looking forward to this game since I learned of its development. I think this game will, in fact, surprise some people who have a bad taste in their mouth from the first one.

Ghetto Sithlord3044d ago

the real magic will be if this game is actually any good.

aPerson3044d ago

I honestly can't wait for this game.

But there are so many awesome games coming out in October (Two Worlds 2, Arcania: Gothic 4, Fable 3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Vanquish), I don't know if I'm going to be able to afford them all.


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