Kinect: "Biggest platform launch ever"

Microsoft reckons the release of Xbox 360 motion-sensor Kinect will be the "biggest platform launch ever".

The confident predictions go on: Microsoft thinks Kinect will be the biggest home electronics launch of 2010.

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pedrami912980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

Seeing as the other one came a little too late (will probably be deleted aswell) i'll just the post same thing over here.
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I want to hear this from someone from outside of MS please.

ConanOBrien2980d ago

I want to hear this from someone from outside of MS, Sony, and Nintendo please.

InfectedDK2980d ago

I agree I don't see what all the fuss 's about
However Move is incredible imo

Akagi2980d ago

*prepares for aggressive launch marketing campaign*

ActionBastard2980d ago

For MS, it probably is. They are really, really vested in Kinect and are going to throw massive amounts of $ to make consumers aware.

wazzim2980d ago

as a neutral gamer, this seems like just complete bull.
I will buy Kinect when it's $80 max for Suda51's game, not anytime sooner.

outrageous2980d ago

I think M$ numbers are a little low. They have 40+ million systems out in the wild, 25 million are registered on XBL. Is it hard to believe 3 million of those users will be interested in Kinect. How about new buyers??? None of the casual gamers on the Wii/PS3 interested in any of the casual games being offered by M$???

I think Kinect has the POTENTIAL to be a smash hit. The $299 4gb 360 S is priced competitively and could be a runaway hit. Having said that, the campaign is just getting started and November is when things really start to heat up. If Kinect completely bombs, then there will be no doubt about a 2012 launch of the next Xbox.

BTW...launching anything the same month that COD: Black ops is launching is a risky proposition. Black Ops is gonna suck the air and money out of the competition this holiday.

gamingdroid2980d ago

That's like saying launching anything in the same month as Halo is crazy.... we will see, we will see!

Stealth20k2980d ago

It looks like shite.....

no gameplay for any of there casualish hardcorish games.

Fable III kinect features were perm canceled

Its a casual machine

DelbertGrady2980d ago

To be fair those 5 games were announced yesterday.

Jdoki2980d ago

Yeah that was a nice announcement.

But I've still not seen anything to convince me that Kinect works as advertised and promised.

A couple of those 5 games look great, and couold potentially push me towards buying Kinect - but if the tech isn't there to back it up then forget it.

For every dollar spent on advertising MS could have spent it on perfecting the tech. It's a classic smoke and mirrors campaign from MS!

mcstorm2980d ago

From what I have seen from all the games shops in the UK and from the none core gamers it will be a big hit here in the UK I know quite a few people getting it on day one or for xmas.Also with the games MS announced yesterday they have just shown the core gamers that they are not putting this as a none gamer device but what they wanted to get across on release is it will open up the 360 to the none gamers and be a simple device to use once they have got that word out you will start to see the more advanced and complex games come out over xmas.

As for black Ops this is classed as a core game and it will not affect Kinect sales on release but I also dont think the game will be as big (on the 360 any way) as MW2 was because of what has happened with the company's over the last 12 months as well as games like reach and MOH being release too.

Karooo2980d ago

dont even have any exclusives, platform launch lmao

omi25p2980d ago

there are a huge amount of kinect exclusives on launch. They are all casual games but they are all exclusives

omi25p2980d ago

i get disagrees for a fact? interesting

btk2980d ago

Lets rather rephrase -
Unique games. All the games showed so far is just some old EyeToy and Wii games made by another publisher.

Nothing that says - "I have never seen this before" or "This is a very unique and new way to play this game"

If the release PacMan with new maze and call it KinectPac it would be exclusive - but who would want to pick up a $150 peripheral for a game that you can play on your cellphone, PC or even Internet Browser?

The Kinect games so far is so generic and blatant copies that people don't even see it as exclusive.

DA_SHREDDER2980d ago

All my life I've never cared about the platform a game was on,, I just cared about the games themselves. From what ive seen with kinect, It definitely has potential to be something great in terms of adding something new, but I dont see any benefit for actual hardcore games for it to be implemented on. Ive already tried to`figure out how Kinect would be used for games that I play. The only thing I can think of is adding immersion of some kind. Still the lack of buttons seems to me that to play a AAA game your still gonna need a controller of some type. I dont see how this is a big step in gaming at all if thats the case.

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