Kinect Adventures Includes Underwater, Space Games, Online Play

Kinect Adventures will include at least five game types and support both online play and the ability to show off and share your favorite moments in the Xbox 360's upcoming motion game, sources tell Kotaku.

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Disagree then Haters...
I will still like...

Shackdaddy8363048d ago

All this kinect stuff is really turning me off of xbox. I really wish now that I would have gotten a PS3 instead(I wont get it now cus its only like 3 more years till next gen and I dont wanna spend 300 bucks for 3 years of play time).

Guess I will just wait till the PS4 and dominate on killzone 4 :)

Agent-863048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

You know you can sell your 360 plus games and accessories to Gamestop or on eBay to help defer the cost (plus you save $150 or so not having to pay for XBL for 3 years). And, actually, "300 bucks for 3 years worth of play time" really isn't that bad an investment. I do that for my PC about every 3-5 years with upgrades.

Shackdaddy8363048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

I have a gamming PC too and Im planning on upgrading in 3 years(~300 bucks). Plus Im getting the new PS4 that comes out(~400 bucks). I would also get three games when it comes out(~180 bucks). Plus all the games I get in between now and then(~600 bucks(guess for 10 games within 3 years accross PC and PS3 platforms)). So if I buy a PS3 with the games I really want(~540 bucks(PS3 w/ 4 games when I first buy it) but still sell my 360(~150 bucks used) as well as my games(~200 bucks used) then....

300+400+180+600+540-150-200= $1670 over 3 years = $556 per year.

Now, if I wait, I will probably not buy as many games because I dont play xbox any more so lower that to 6 games for 3 years(360 bucks).

300+400+180+360 = $1240 over 3 years = $413 per year.

I can definately just wait to get a PS4 and still save ~410 bucks for something else I want.

Note these numbers are just estimations.

I dont play xbox live so that doesnt take into account.

But +bubbles for trying to help my dilema :)

Bigpappy3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Let me help you out. You go to Amazon and put your 360 on sale with what ever games you have. When you get that loot, head over to ToysRus and get yourself a PS3. Or if you want to get rid of it quickly before Kinect releases and make you free embarrassed in front of all your Kool PS3 friends, just take it to Gamestop and trade it for a brand, spanking new, PS3 with built in bluray and blue tooth. I guaranty that you and I will both be happy with your purchase. Yes, I am very nice and helpful and you are so welcome.

Edit: come on Agent! You stole my thunder you SOB. LOL

Agent-863048d ago

Like my alter-ego Maxwell Smart, Agent-86 would say "sorry about that chief".

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