Alundra and Arc the Lad are the latest PSOne Classics in North America

According to the ESRB, Alundra and Arc the Lad will soon be re-released on the North American Playstation Store as PSOne Classics.

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N4GAddict2959d ago

Those are two great RPGs

tinybigman2959d ago

I never got the chance to play either of these games so I guess I can now.

Wolfie2959d ago

Alundra is great. I've played it like 11 years ago. It's time to play it again :)

Redempteur2959d ago

it is a nice decision this is what we were asking good games to download ..

ChronoJoe2959d ago


Every now and again I go on the EU blog and ask them to get Alundra (on the EU blog they ask what people want for PS Plus). Looks like it's finally happening... at least for US.

At least I can amazon some US PSN cards.

callahan092959d ago

Sweet! Been wanting these for a while. Is it just Arc the Lad, or is it all of them? When Working Designs eventually released Arc the Lad in America, it was only available as a set of all of them...

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