Sony Announces Concert Celebrating Japan Studio's Games: The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush 2 and More

During a livestream hosted on Nico Nico today, Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan announced a live concert dedicated to the games by SCE Japan Studio.

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PhoenixUp753d ago

I love Sony's quirky Japanese titles. I wish we'd get more of them

Kashima753d ago

Where's the ambitions jrpgs that they talked about?

Abriael753d ago

When did you dream them talking about ambitious JRPGs?

Kashima753d ago

Soul sacrifice/bloodborne producer talked about an ambitions rpg that will announce at 2016.

Abriael753d ago (Edited 753d ago )

Nope. He said "ambitious game" not JRPG.

If you read JRPG somewhere, it's a mistranslation. Source: I translated that interview myself.

Kashima752d ago

@Arbriael well...i hope its a jrpg anyway.

UltraNova752d ago (Edited 752d ago )

Maybe he is still confused from Microsoft's 2006 E3 conference?

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PhoenixUp752d ago

Sony never could manage to maintain a long-running RPG series of their own, which is heavily ironic since the PlayStation brand has always been known to be bastion for RPGs

UltraNova752d ago

Well I cant help but to agree with you on this one. Hopefully, Horizon will change that.

PhoenixUp752d ago

Sony's capable of producing great RPGs, but it remains to be seen if Horizon will be a longrunning series

UCForce753d ago

I really like this one.

yuukiliu752d ago

I wish there was more love for Puppeteer. I would LOVE a sequel or even a remaster since I no longer have my PS3.

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