Final Fantasy 14 - Online TGS English trailer

A Square Enix Final Fantasy 14 Online trailer from the Tokyo Game Show 2010.

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Frulond4148d ago

um... this is the same as the Pre-Release trailer posted 2 weeks ago... wth...

timmyrulz4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

So is this no longer ps3 exclusive?

Edit: How does one get a disagree when one asks a question?

timmyrulz4148d ago

Thank you, the reason i asked was because the article is found under the x360 pages and i heard rumours that it was going Multiplatform

KS19854148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

Sorry,half-asleep today.

wrong topic, wrong game.

coolfool4148d ago

I really like the theme to this game. I've seen a few people knock it but it's awesomely atmospheric. Better than Leona Lewis anyway!