Final Fantasy 14 purchases on Xbox require an extra currency

The MMORPG will arrive on Xbox consoles on 21st March following its open beta, with Square Enix releasing further details on the launch in a new Lodestone blog post.

Not only is Game Pass required to play the game in full, but FFXIV Coins will be required to make purchases - a new currency not used on PC or PlayStation.

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Inverno114d ago

What's even the point if they're doing everything possible to convince people NOT to play?

DarXyde114d ago

At this point, it just seems like it was incredibly tedious to bring it over. And they're punishing Xbox for it.

Problem is, it's affecting the players.

Not sure if this is Xbox looking to squeeze the anticipated wait for the game, Square pilot testing a new strategy they're looking to implement for their next MMO (regardless of platform), Square creating a case so it underperforms and Microsoft doesn't ask for newer games like this, or Square passive aggressively being dissatisfied with the terms of its presence on Xbox. Some combination, perhaps.

Either way, it's just odd. It looks to me like Square and Microsoft are just looking to extract more money from the community. Not that it's Xbox necessarily, but there could just be a sort of "grandfathering" in on PlayStation/PC.

JBlaze226114d ago

Nah seems like Square trying to punish Xbox and that is totally messed up.

DarXyde113d ago


On this issue, sure. But it doesn't really seem like either party is innocent broadly. They do require you to have an Xbox online sub + the monthly sub for the game itself, don't they?

Sounds like both are looking for a payday.

MrDead113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

From the article.

"FFXIV Coins will first need to be purchased from the Microsoft Store. Then, when players log into the game on Xbox, these coins will be credited to their Square Enix Account.

When playing on Xbox Series X/S, "payments will be handled using FFXIV Coins only," reads the blog post.

On PC and PlayStation, purchases can be made directly from the Final Fantasy 14 Online Store or Mog Station without the need for an extra currency. It's unclear why Microsoft requires this extra barrier to entry."

It reads like it's a MS and SE decision to have two barriers. MS is most likely going to get a cut of the coin sales if it's been handled through the MS store too.

Knightofelemia114d ago

Such an EA type move so glad I never got into this game.

Einhander1972114d ago

This is only an issue on xbox.

On PC and PlayStation you don't have to pay for an extra subscription to play the game or any extra currencies.

It's only xbox that you have to pay for gamepass to play the game and have this currency.

TriniOutsider114d ago

Ummm yes, you do have an SE Subscription to play the game even after buying it on PSN and I'm sure PSN is required to play the game as well.

Knightofelemia114d ago

I am not a fan of MMO's myself

Einhander1972114d ago


"extra subscription" aka gamepass.

You don't need PlayStation Plus to play on PlayStation.

raWfodog114d ago (Edited 114d ago )


You actually don’t need PSN subscription to play FFXIV

“Final Fantasy 14 does not require PlayStation Plus to play online, so each person playing should have a separate Square Enix Account linked to their own PlayStation Network account.”


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JBlaze226114d ago

Square just keep making these terrible choices

Asterphoenix114d ago

Bad idea. Kind of at the point its almost like a repeat of FFXI on the 360 with it requiring Gold to play.

TheColbertinator114d ago

Greed greed nothing but greed. Anyone who willingly plays 14 on Xbox is a bona fide sucker.

Einhander1972114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

It was a mistake to port it to xbox.

Having to code the games for two more platforms that are never going to attain the player base to pay for the extra development costs is going to lessen the quality of the games development for everyone.

JBlaze226114d ago

It was a mistake to keep Final Fantasy 7 remake exclusive and yet here we are.

113d ago
MrDead113d ago

@ Jblaze

I don't own a Playstation but I just got FF7 in Steam's spring sale, 50% off!

repsahj114d ago

So Microsoft is not satisfied with the game going to Xbox, they also want to milk it.

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Michiel198925d ago

had stated that the rumored Final Fantasy IX remake is real and that it will retain the classic turn-based combat seen in the original.

I hope this is true, that's what I want from a remake. FF7R is actually really good, but not what I was looking for from the remake.

FinalFantasyFanatic25d ago

FF7R deviated too much from the original for me, so I hope the FF9 remake is closer to the original game.

fr0sty25d ago

I didn't think so, I actually really liked the way they fleshed out the story more. I enjoyed it more than the original.

DivineHand12525d ago

I can't wait for it to be revealed and I am hoping it will not be episodic or simply a remaster.