Final Fantasy XIV Players On Xbox Are Receiving Console Bans For Seeking Free Company

Final Fantasy XIV players on Xbox are receiving console wide bans for seeking or helping others find a Free Company.

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DarXyde11d ago

That's wild. I'm guessing someone in a position of power is VERY opposed to sharing resources.
Is this not happening on other platforms? It really seems like this game is a very unpleasant experience on Xbox the more you hear about it.

The question is... Is this Microsoft just looking to make more money on micro transactions, or is Square sabotaging the Xbox version? I really don't understand this.

willko11d ago

most of the issues are coming from Microsoft.

-Microsoft has insisted on having their own special "currency" called FFXIV Coins that you have to buy and use to pay your subscription if Xbox is the only platform you have FFXIV on. The problem though is that they don't sell coins in increments to pay for just one month at a time. You have no choice but to overpay and have coins left over.

-Microsoft's chat censorship is meddling with the in-game chat log by censoring ridiculous things as well as pieces of other words if that word contains a naughty word such as "class" being censored to "cl???".

-Microsoft refused to make an exception of requiring players to pay for a Game Pass subscription to play the game online. Therefore, Xbox players are the only ones required to pay for two subscriptions since PlayStation made an exception for this game and doesn't require PSN+.

-However, Square refused to budge on one of their policies as well which negatively affects Xbox players. Due to the way Square insists on tying the game purchase to your Square Enix account, it makes FFXIV the one and only Xbox game I'm aware of that does not support Xbox's Game Sharing feature. Each and every gamertag that wants to play the game will need to have its own purchase registered, even if they're all using the same physical console.

JBlaze22610d ago

I feel it's Square sabotaging Xbox. It' just don't add up


Xbox Profanity Filter Is Ruining the FFXIV Chat

The Xbox profanity filter is currently ruining the readability of the FFXIV chat on Xbox Series X/S due to censored words.

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Snookies1211d ago

Lol, damn... At this point, they were better off keeping FF XIV away from Xbox. It has been nothing but obstacle, after obstacle.

gold_drake11d ago

wanted to say the exact same thjng.

VenomUK11d ago (Edited 11d ago )

What happens if you say things that used to get you banned on Twitter e.g. 'a man can't be a woman'?

RedDevils10d ago

*insert gift*
"Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina."

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DivineHand12511d ago

I'm not convinced this is the profanity filter. It doesn't make sense to censor words like class, harvest and dance. It seems to be a bug.

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TheGamingHounds10d ago

Well, FF14 itself has some pretty awful chat censoring so Xbox being in the same boat isn't too farfetched

Eidolon10d ago

it censored the S T D in "harvest dance" and I bet the A S S in class. I know this because of Runescape

Aphrodia11d ago

Yeah these new fangled filters are going a bit too far. I have a game that filters "wtf". It's a censor for a self-censoring phrase. But I think overall it's how it should be. If you don't want certain language being used in your game by your player base, then it's up to you to filter/ censor the language you don't want. I can respect that. What I can't respect is when you say things that are not really offensive then you get ostracized for it.

shinoff218311d ago

What happened to just reporting people


This is completely false, I tested this on my son's child account and mine, this is not Microsoft censoring they will censor swears but not the combination of letters I can prove this with a screenshot where I use all mentioned words in the article but do not know how to upload a picture.


You can all continue your bashing, I was wrong someone explained to me this is a new policy, that's why it only happens for me in this brand new release. I'll try latter on ps to confirm but their response seemed informed wich leaves me rather worried for future censorship on my xbox.

CrimsonWing6911d ago

Geezus, Xbox, you get gifted gold and still f*ck things up.


It's not xbox, go ahead start a chat with the youngest person on your friends list then say raid mass class sass said .... they do not censor any of these I even got away with R.Aids. sqaure on the other hand does.

CrimsonWing6911d ago

Does this affect PC and PS4/PS5 users, too? Or is it only happening on Xbox?