Konami Reveals More Details on Silent Hill 8

The survival horror experience begins after a prison transport vehicle careens off the road, leaving lone inmate Murphy Pendleton stranded in Silent Hill. Gamers will encounter mind-bending puzzles, as well as horrific creatures and otherworld terrors using everyday objects from wooden chairs to glass bottles to fend off their enemies.

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TrevorPhillips5008d ago

Nice to see Konami working really hard on Silent Hill 8 :D

sinncross5008d ago

I just hope its as atmospheric as the original few.

I'd also like them to consider Move support for the PS3 version (not replace the dualshock obviously). Could be interesting for this type of game.

UltraNova5008d ago

It would be interesting to implement Move in this type of game but I would hate to see gameplay and game environment sacrifices in order to suit Move!

They should make the game focusing on the controllers and when they finish port the controls to Move, ensuring both sides will be happy in the end.

Batzi5008d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on the next Silent Hill! This series is amazing!

Kain815008d ago

Sillent Hill 1/2 and 3 are the best, i dont know why but the rest sillent Hill games arent that good

Sarevok5008d ago

Am I the only one that had fun with SH4?

Batzi5008d ago

Or Homecoming? :P I loved this game!

Megaton5008d ago

I didn't think I'd like Homecoming, but I did. Ended up getting all the achievements for it, too. Still got Shattered Memories for PS2 sitting on my shelf unplayed as well.

zireno5008d ago

naah dude :)!! I've had fun with every single silent hill, from the first one to shattered memories. each of them are different in their own way but that's what I like from this series, the variety :)

UltraNova5008d ago

I love SH 4: The room, the concept of that game was unique and creepy as hell! I mean being trapped in an apartment, hearing noises all the time and your only way out would be a hole/portal in your bathroom leading to the most sick and disturbing realms you can imagine for me was an amazing experience!

I must admit though if they make Silent hill 8 anything like SH2 its day 1 for me!

Galaxia5008d ago

I loved SH4 so much. In fact I prefer it over SH1 even (but not 2 or 3 lol).

SH4 made you feel like such a perv/voyuer at times though. Watching people through your window, the peep hole and then even watching Eileen through the hole in her wall. :P

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fooltheman5008d ago

this could work well with move...
But I don't see them implementing it

Kain815008d ago

yes it would be PERFECT for Move

sam22365008d ago

"...players will also be presented with variable side quests along the way..."

That's it. SH is dead.

hatchimatchi5008d ago

The majority of the silent hills have had this. It usually deals with items that are picked up fairly early in the game but not used until late in the game. The one that comes to mind is in the original when you use the hanger and whatnot with the motorcycle. The details escape me but that part of the game was completely optional.

I don't see this being fetch quests and whatnot like that.

NarooN5008d ago

Dunno what the hell you're talking about. Almost every SH game has had optional side quests that can change the outcome of the ending or just reward you with secret items/knowledge/etc. It's been there since the first SH with the optional Kaufman sidequest. The games never shoved the sidequests down your throat and most were just downright hidden.

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