PSU: PlayStation Move unboxing video

PSU Writes:

"Today we received a review kit for the PlayStation Move. The package included a PlayStation Eye, two Move controllers, and several games, including Sports Champions, which will be included in Move bundles when it is released next week."

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Jpinter3418d ago

There will be reviews for these games over the next few days. Expect more videos too.

Wizziokid3418d ago

I'm getting my Move with the new PS3 bundle from sometime next month, can't wait.


Gotta' say, im personally more excited about Move than I am about kinect, look's sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!

KratosGirI3418d ago

Perhaps I should do an unboxing once I get Move.

TLG19913418d ago

how many times can we watch people unbox the move lol its not even the retail box! :D

dragon823418d ago

I their defense its the only unboxing video on their site. The problem is that everyone uses N4G to promote their sites so you will see these a ton of these videos. You have to remember that not everyone who visits their site visits N4G thus the need to post the video for their readers.

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