Infamous 2 on-rails demo left me cold

SG: The on-rails 8 minute demo of Infamous 2 that I played at PAX Prime 2010, just felt awkward. Like a conversation with a really hot girl. It’s going to be awkward, but you keep going because she’s hot.

What was wrong and what was right about Infamous 2, after the jump.

First off, Infamous starts you out using melee combat constantly. I don’t get this at all. Why would you hit anything up close if you could just zap it with lightning? Seriously.

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SuperTiger2964d ago

Stop whining.
What you saw is a demo based on a mission, and missions are scripted events.

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BiggCMan2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

this guy is an idiot!! he explained the same demo we've been seeing for months. its scripted, its a story mission, of course its gonna be like that! wtf man. journalism sucks these days.

EDIT: oh, its sarcastic gamer. maybe he was supposed to sound stupid?

SaberEdge2964d ago

Everything I have seen from inFamous 2 looks awesome. I don't see how an open world game can really be on rails anyway.

inFamous 2 is a day 1 buy for me.

sikbeta2964d ago

but guys, it's coming from, so the author forgot to add the /s

Seriously, WTF! Game gonna be Awesome, this "article" is either a big F*cking sarcasm or just complete stupidity...

Army_of_Darkness2963d ago

" Like a conversation with a really hot girl. It’s going to be awkward, but you keep going because she’s hot."

I don't get nervous or feel awkward when talking or going out with Hot girls?!?! So I'm not really following here?!?

BTW, just because cole has the ability to shoot lightning out of his hands doen't mean he shouldn't be able to still kick some a$$ the old school way;)

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SilentNegotiator2964d ago

"just felt awkward. Like a conversation with a really hot girl"

Some people just aren't used to talking to hot girls, apparently.
Heh heh, you asked for it, Mr. Author.

Silly Mammo2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Let be honest. He's never ever talked to a really hot girl. Unless his sister's really hot... I joke!

inbetweener2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

I'm sure he's chatted with several hot "girls" online.

Tachyon_Nova2964d ago

Lets be honest, if you (or I) had hot girlfriends, we wouldnt be trolling on here would we?

coolfool2964d ago

It's like talk talking to a hot girl where the conversation is awkward, not because she's hot but for some other reason like she has no chat. Which, in my humble experience, is quite common for hot girls. They have never had to use their personality to get people to talk to them so as such they don't really have anything interesting to say.

Like I said, just my experience..............

Shane Kim2964d ago

Shane Kim is fine with hot boys.

sikbeta2964d ago

Nerds don't meet girls... of any kind...

Army_of_Darkness2963d ago

"Lets be honest, if you (or I) had hot girlfriends, we wouldnt be trolling on here would we?"

I'm assuming you haven't been in a long relationship with one yet, have you?! lol!

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Redempteur2964d ago

when talking to a hot girl , you have to keep it togetherand try to push the right boutons ..

like the infamous demo ... now if that situation got you scared author , then too bad for you

bustamove2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Omega in a PS3 article yet again! Who woulda thought? And he's the first to complain about PS3 fans!
Anyway, this article made me lol.

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bjornbear2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

...I think the "awkward social outcast gamer" concept died in the early 90's....

i for one don't get awkward with a hot girl, unless I have some sort of feeling towards her (but thats regardless of how hot the girl is, its just emotional xD)

and that aside... "Why would you hit anything up close if you could just zap it with lightning?"

Because sometimes its strategically wiser. I hope he's being sarcastic, or else he's a very inexperienced infamous player.

thats aside...wtv what a waste of time =P

@GWAVE: DUDE! seriously NOTHING to do with the article =/ now you've attracted the KDF (kinect defense force) onto this article WAY TO GO! -_- if we posted less flame comments we'd have less retarded fanboys ranting over useless crap

@ Omega- *licks tear off face*

GarandShooter2964d ago

'and that aside... "Why would you hit anything up close if you could just zap it with lightning?"

Because sometimes its strategically wiser.'

Could be that...or...

Maybe...just maybe, you just got finished zapping 50 guys or so and now, damn it, you want to feel someone's nose pulverize under your fist, or hear the gunshot like report of that orbital socket cracking, or you miss picking broken pieces of teeth out of your knuckles as you prepare to bandage them, or...maybe I need my medicine again...

SiteNblog Defender2964d ago

Typical PS3 fanboys. Whenever there's a negative PS3 preview, attack MS or its games.

cayal2964d ago

"attack MS or its games."

What games?

commodore642964d ago

Well done, Cayal, you just proved his point.
How utterly predictable.

cayal2964d ago

I asked a question, one that neither you or he answered.

Guess I was right.

badz1492964d ago

does the writer even knows what "on-rail" means?

poopsack2964d ago

We should start a petition to eliminate melee from every game with long ranged weapons.

Now look above kids, this is actual sarcasm, its very different from whatever Sarcasticgamer thinks it is.

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-Mezzo-2964d ago

This games will kick ass, period.

macezhno2964d ago

the game will be shocking . hA.

crappy pun FTW

Aclay2964d ago


While I don't expect every site to find everything about Infamous 2 flawless, the first Infamous was a very solid game to begin with and all I've seen thus far is improvements on top of improvements in Infamous 2. I'm pretty confident this sequel is going to top the first game in both critical reception and sales, regardless of any nitpicking from any other site. Really can't wait to get my hands on it next year.

Fishy Fingers2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Well I guess it's difficult to demo a sandbox game. They cant just offer up the whole map, but by just giving you a mission, especially when its a "chase mission", it can seem limited or on-rails or whatever.

See, the on-rail missions dont bother you when you have the full game because you've already had the chance to just f*** about in the world. A scripted section can actually be a pleasant change of pace. Much like GTA though, the most fun I have in a sandbox game is just messing around and causing chaos.

Still, I wouldnt mind having a go on the demo.

Unicron2964d ago

Careful with that there logic round these parts.

CBaoth2964d ago

Even if there weren't fanboys or trolls here to argue with, 75% of people here would invent an imaginary one to carry on the good fight

Unicron2964d ago

No you!

Oh sorry, I got sidetracked there for a sec.

You were saying?

jwatt2964d ago

Fishy you said exactly what I wanted to say. There's actually a section like that in infamous 1 where if you don't follow the helicopter fast enough you'll have to start over.

The Lazy One2964d ago

I will give credit to crackdown/2 in that their demo system is near perfect for a sandbox game. Start you in a place at the beginning of a set of story missions, but you're free to skip them and just spend your time jumping around the city if you so choose.

The one game type that works for timed demos.