Capcom explains why there is no Wii version of Mega Man Universe

Mega Man Universe was unveiled a few months ago, but unlike Mega Man 9/10, a Wii version was not announced. Since then, quite a number of gamers have been wondering why the title won’t be making its way to Nintendo’s console.

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Natsu X FairyTail2964d ago

I was expecting the game to be like this but in HD


SeanRL2964d ago

I was expecting it to do something new and fresh but all it succeeds in doing is looking worse than older megaman games through the gay new graphics and give us no new gameplay. Every good series needs to grow up at some point.

Lyr1c2964d ago

You don't even know what it is yet and you're already complaining.....

RockmanII72964d ago

There are rumors of a level editor being in this game. If that's true who wouldn't want this? Besides it's not like its a $60 game, it's only $10

CrzyFooL2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

wtf this is almost a slap in the face to Nintendo. They can make it fit!!

RockmanII72964d ago

I'd rather not have features taken away from the PS360 version of this game so Wii owners can play it.

skyblue142132964d ago

Capcom is too cheap to put it on a disc, if they put it on a disc for the wii, then gamers will want it on a disc release for the ps3 and xbox 360. And capcom is not willing to spend the extra money to go that route. I wish they would as I prefer my games on disc, but capcom is just too cheap to do that, plain and simple.

Samus HD2964d ago

so they can't do nothing about it

ozstar2964d ago

Capcom sucks, most third parties suck and Nintendo, and its customers are well used to this crappy treatment over the last few generations.

The next Wii will be out soon and ill probably forget how awful this gen. was, but it is inexcusable how some of these devs have destroyed Wii games, by making them too kiddy or co-op or on-rails, AND then daring to blame US, the fu---ing audience, for not buying them.

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