Megaman Universe is Canceled - Dann Scheid Comma Professional

After a strong start and unique teaser trailer, Capcom has finally called it quits on Megaman Universe, the PSN/XBLA game that was somewhat of a cross between Megaman and Little Big Planet.

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Nizzy792755d ago

pure foolishness... this series has so many followers it would have done great!

Alos882755d ago

Honestly, from the looks of things I doubt this ever really got beyond the basic design stages.

zeal0us2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

that and after Keiji Inafune resign from the company months after announcing this project.

His resignation was more like the harbinger of death for this game sadly.

Scyrus2755d ago

honestly this game wasnt going to do well anyway. lots of megaman fans but it would need to draw to more than that. coulda been a free to play mmo tho

Masamori Sumimura2755d ago

capcom cant do sh1t the right way nowadays.

why can't they make a freakin Megaman X type game with either HD Sprites or 3D ones with Anime Cut-scenes and Dynamic 3d bosses mixed with 2D?

DA_SHREDDER2755d ago

that would make too much sense for Capcom. Right now they are too busy trying to play favorites and make crappy RE games to do anything else.

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