5 Great Games That Never Were

Each year our video game addiction is sated with a fair share of excellent games, but sometimes great games never see the light of day. This is a short list of some of the most eagerly anticipated games that we’ll never have a chance to play.

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Amazingmrbrock4202d ago

That Operation Falloujah game too. There are so many games that never make it.

MkaY4202d ago

A good list. Lots of potential, sad that we didn't see those.

Too many games that never make it, too many titles that should have. I still wish to see Star Wars: Battlefront III

Moncole4202d ago

I dont want a Star Wars Battlefront 3. I loved the first two but I only want to see the games made by Pandemic.

LX-General-Kaos4202d ago (Edited 4202d ago )

The craziest switcheroos are from Resident Evil in my opinion. I wish they would stick with the original ideas they show at first. The final product always looks like a watered down version of the debut screens or demos.

The Video provided in the article has the look of how Resident Evil 4 should have remained. A true Resident Evil title.

Can you imagine if Resident Evil 2 stayed like this?


That was a true dark and nasty Resident Evil title.

Rated E For Everyone

ryandebraal4202d ago

lol, I was going to include Dungeon Keeper 3 but there doesn't seem to be any actual footage of it...never got off the drawing board :<

Picnic4202d ago

Two by Rare:

Twelve Tales : Conker 64 (became Conker's Bad Fur Day).
Donkey Kong Racing

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bunt-custardly4d ago (Edited 4d ago )

Quite amazing how in late 90s those pre-rendered static backgrounds were like the bees knees. I am wondering what a game would look like today if it used the same pre-rendered backgrounds. Are we looking at photo-realistic environments or is there no need when you have games like UNRECORD using UE5?

Spenok4d ago

I would say no need when you consider games like Unrecord.

ApocalypseShadow3d ago

Not just the visuals. But the immersion since 3 of them are in VR

anast3d ago

I can't wait to rent these on my iphone...


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