FIFA 11 review - 94% in GamesMaster

The first FIFA 11 review is in - and EA's effort has been acclaimed "the best football game ever" in the new GamesMaster magazine.

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zootang2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

Best football game ever, until next year.

TROLL EATER2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

i wonder if it will have bugs like fifa 10. with the reviewers ignoring dem

Nate-Dog2964d ago

Yeah there's always irritating little problems, like non-responsiveness at random times, players kicking balls opposite ways on free-kicks, that stupid stop-start thing where you have control of a player and when the ball comes towards them suddenly it knocks off and bang you concede a goal.

Ok those aren't bugs but still, they're little annoyances that every single fifa has had over the past few years, and while they're small they can make a big difference considering it is a football sim after all.

tatotiburon2964d ago

i'll be happy if the game continue to have a perfect online unlike PES that have the worst online ever

sack_boi2964d ago

The last football game I bought was PES 2006, right now I'm waiting for both Fifa 11 and PES 11 demos to decide.

Trey4Lyfe2964d ago

FIFA has done it again, the King continues his reign. PES fans will hold on to the past and accuse reviewers of all being paid while FIFA tops PES in sales and reviews. Can't wait to play with real footy teams instead of West Midlands Village vs Merseyside Blue.

gillri2964d ago

Gamesmaster are the most consistent reviewers out there, I give more credance to its scores than EDGE's or gamesTM's

Rampaged Death2964d ago

FIFA is the king of football games now. I can't see PES topping it any time soon. I did watch a vid of FIFA 11 the other day and it didn't look any different to FIFA 10 at all though.

Nate-Dog2964d ago (Edited 2964d ago )

@Rampaged Death (Reply button messed up)
Yeah same here. Watched an 11-minute video of a match and I didn't see all this new passing and shooting mechanics business they feed to us every year.

I still love Fifa don't get me wrong because it does the football-sim job so well, but don't give us this shit each year about how these "new" mechanics will change the way you think about Fifa and how this "new" passing system will make the game a whole lot different when nothing usually changes.

fooltheman2964d ago

they we're playing with great their passing is great ^^

grailly2964d ago

I always feel like fifa is over-rated, it's the best football game out there, but it should be sooo much better! We get one of these every year and they still mess up stuff like laggy menus or weird control. These games should be freaking perfect by now!

and I agree with you, every year they just add a gimmick like being the goal keeper, and then just say all the other features are "better", it still feels the same though

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The story is too old to be commented.