PS Move | iWatch: MAG Beta (Training Grounds)

This video offers an early overview about how the PlayStation Move controls are currently implemented in the ongoing MAG public beta. Bare in mind what you'll see here is all work in progress and likely to change (and hopefully improve) by the time the actual patch goes live by the end of the year. In the meantime tho, you can get an idea about the current state of development.

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pixelsword2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

This clip is not bad, but it's kinda bogus as he kinda seems like he doesn't understand what's going on His bullets are all over the place because you have to upgrade to increase your aim like an RPG. I can tell he doesn't have any upgrades because he's only at level six and the new layout is as such that if the majority of his level points aren't on his aiming ability already, he won't have good aim; which looks like what is happening in his case.