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Pop in Metroid Other M, and you'll be immediately struck by the captivating story, interesting graphics, and the voluptuous Samus. As the game unfolds, you are drawn in, and possibly start to wonder why the game isn't getting better reviews. As the gameplay starts though, it soon becomes apparent that the intuitive controls are, well, perhaps a bit too intuitive. With the push of a single button, you can do dazzling combos and strike with surprising accuracy--no real skill involved. While beginning gamers will definitely find this a plus, it can turn out to be a bit boring for people who actually wanted to *play* the game. AveryZoe at GoozerNation reviews Metroid: Other M.

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GuruStarr782965d ago

2/5! I don't think so, this game is not easy, its just accessible....thats why there is a hard mode after you 100% finish it..

4.5/5....nuff said.

ExplosionSauce2965d ago

"The Game That Plays Itself" is a title that only applies to FF13 so far.

Other M is more accessible but not easy.

nickjkl2965d ago

wow someones playing final fantasy 13 wrong how did you beat the longuis or the shao long guis

Wildarmsjecht2965d ago

You're only able to access Hard mode after completing the game 100%? Is there collectibles or something that you need to do outside of beating the game to get 100%? I can understand beating the game once unlocks a harder mode. But if 100% means getting everything and doing everything which includes secret areas/collectibles, then that's not very accessible.

I'd love to know for sure tho.

caladbolg7772965d ago

Definitely NOT a 4.5/5. This is easily the worst Metroid game in the series. A 2/5 is a little harsh, but it's not totally unreasonable. I can see how someone could have a poor opinion of Other M. IMO, it's more like a 3/5. Like I said, worst Metroid game in the series by far.

GuruStarr782964d ago

the hard mode is kinda cheap though, the only thing that makes it "hard" is that there are no extras, like missiles or energy tanks, making it really, really hard, imagine trying to defeat the bosses with only ten missiles and one energy tank!

RedSky2965d ago

Every time someone uses the phrase 'nuff said' it brings me ever closer to going on that murderous rampage I've been dreaming about.

Theonik2965d ago

You do make a strong point.
Nuff said

GuruStarr782964d ago


LOL...nuff said.

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averyzoe2965d ago

There is far too much watching and inaction for it to be a 4.5.

dgroundwater2965d ago

I have not played this game. But as I understand it, it can get pretty hard on many occasions. A hardcore gamer I know assured me that it's difficulty is in line with a Team Ninja production.

Did you get manhandled by a boss or two? How about hard mode?

Invader_Quirk2965d ago

Yeah, it gets very hard. I died a lot. This is the hardest game I've played in a while.

MGRogue20172965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )

A game that plays itself.. lol, that's funny..

EvilTwin2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )


See, THIS is the problem when someone plays the first part of the game, quits at that point, and writes their review.

I'm sure this writer would respond "no, of course I played all of it!" but I'd still call bullsh*t. The cut scenes are concentrated at the very beginning and very end of the game. The 10 hours in between? They're few and far between, and it's a whole lotta GAME.

Likewise, Other M gets DIFFICULT. I never once saw the game over screen in Metroid Prime. I saw it quite a few times in Other M. Just because you can dodge doesn't mean you won't die.

I'm starting to think a lot of the lower reviews for this game were made by people who didn't play past the first 2 hours. There are valid complaints to send Metroid: Other M's way, yet they somehow seem to miss all of them.

SilentNegotiator2965d ago

*Looks at comment history*

You're just going around saying that every positive review is right and any negative review is wrong, even claiming that they haven't completed the game.

Get over yourself. It's the worst Metroid game by far and a lot of people don't think that it's well conceived.

Gr812965d ago

Other M has many flaws. And I welcome reviews that point those flaws out. But you also have to point out what this game does well. And in my opinion, this game does more right than wrong. But all of this is opinion any way.

Some may believe it is the worst Metroid ever made, some the best, some may place it some where in the middle.

Evil isn't saying Other M is perfect, he's saying this reviewer didn't play through the whole game to give a balanced perspective. The best video review I saw for this game was GT. They were VERY fair, I feel. And echo many of the thoughts and feelings I have for this game.

Xander-RKoS2965d ago

Saying something is the "worst" Metroid game BY far doesn't mean it's a bad game. The worst Metroid game could easily by an 8 and still be reviewed lower than the others.

Fact is, the game doesn't play itself. Its starts off pretty easy at first, but you won't get far without doing a little exploring and you will die if you don't pay attention.

EvilTwin2965d ago (Edited 2965d ago )


Of course I've commented a lot about this game. It's my most anticipated game of the year. And having beaten it (y'know, played through the whole thing, unlike a lot of reviewers, apparently), I think I have a fair idea of some fairly basic things about it.

Not the subjective portions of a game review, but the OBJECTIVE parts. Like the location of the cut scenes in this game, the auto aim not being more forgiving than any other Z-targeting/auto lock and the difficulty being far higher than Prime (this one goes toe-to-toe with Echoes in some places).

This game IS flawed. It won't win GOTY awards, and I always knew it would be very divisive because of its control scheme. But like G4's review, a score this low is for shovelware. And if anyone thinks Other M is on par with shovelware, they're talking out of their @$$.

Likewise, if you think Other M is the worst Metroid in the series? You're talking out of your @$$. The original Metroid has aged HORRIBLY, as has Return of Samus. Hunters was more of a multiplayer shooter than a proper Metroid game.

stragomccloud2965d ago

Agreed. I'm at the end now, and I've been loving the game.

From the reviews, I was expecting there wasn't any backtracking at all, and that the cutscenes were overly invasive. But playing the game I find this isn't the case at all. If anything, I wish there a few more cutscenes. And I'm relieved that I've been able to backtrack and pick up a lot of forgotten upgrades!

stragomccloud2965d ago


Just beat it. It was awesome.

ChickeyCantor2965d ago

I wish there were more cutscenes as well.
This game is awesome,period.

gii bro2965d ago

What a load of shit. How long did you actually play the game for? The fact that the controls are easy to learn doesnt make it an easy game to play. If anything it makes it faster more action paced & I would seriously find it difficult to go back to the Prime series. Its also ingenious how theyve implemented using just the wiimote for control & the effortless way you change perspectives. It might seem like a step backwards but it is very much a huge leap forwards. And dont get me started on the incredible graphics. So before the mood strikes you to write a piss poor excuse for a reveiw try playing the game first arsehole.

averyzoe2965d ago the cut-scenes. In fact, the CGI in the cut-scenes was actually done by a company that normally did it for movies and tv, not video games. The cut-scenes are stunning.....but the game? No, not really.

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