What PS3 games should you buy – September 2010

Play-Mag writes: The summer games drought is over and the first month of the busy autumn release period is almost upon us. So, given that between us, the PLAY magazine team have played every PS3 game due in September, we thought we’d round-up the best ones for your convenience. Any September releases not on this list – we’d think twice if we were you…

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Greek God5039d ago

nothing for me in september

Acquiescence5039d ago

it's all about November. That's when the PS3 magic unfurls.

darkknight09965039d ago

this September R.U.S.E. ,Playstation MOVE and halo reach. October nothing (to save some money for November) and in November GT5 and LBP2 then I'll disappear for three months

FalconR2895039d ago (Edited 5039d ago )

Dead Nation looks like a blast to play in october.

avengers19785039d ago

Move comes out pretty soon DAY 1 for me Dead rising 2.

Then starting in October there are tons of games coming I'm pretty sure Im going to be getting 2 a month until next May some time.

kasasensei5039d ago

There is only one game to buy on september 2010, and it is not on ps3. :p

S_C5039d ago

So Why Did You Bother Commenting On This Article Then ?

S_C5039d ago

Just F1 2010 For Me Thank God, My Wallet Is Not Going To Know Whats Hit It In The Next Couple Of Months, woops

Projekt7tuning5039d ago (Edited 5039d ago )

Formula 1 2010 for me too. Hopefully that will hold me over till GT5.

BTW which system are they using on their web sites video? It looks really good.

Projekt7tuning5039d ago

If you go to their site under media there is a video about the handling. It's worth watching. It's pretty cool. Makes me want to play it.

SpikeSpiegel5039d ago

Kung Fu Rider
Time Crisis Razing Storm
Dead Rising 2
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

FiftyFourPointTwo5039d ago

Thanks for that post, I didnt know Razing Storm is coming out this September. :)

Si-Fly5039d ago

You how to waste money lol.

SpikeSpiegel5039d ago

Gaming, like any other hobby or interest, can be an expensive investment. I just plan ahead and save money for stuff I really want while I may buy other things used.. You just gotta go for what works for you.

avengers19785039d ago

@spikespiegel knows what he's talking about, I have been saving money all summer long because I knew the holidays were bringing out so many games. Sure getting move is going to cost me a pretty penny, but when those pennies are just sitting there waiting to get spent, then it's not so bad.