Gran Turismo 5 In Perspective

1987's Test Drive had five cars. 2009's Need for Speed: Shift had more. And at the other end of the spectrum, we have GT5 and its 200 "premium" cars and its 800 standard cars

Hyrius5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

1000 cars, 70+ tracks, NASCAR, WRC, day/night cycle, damages, weather, A-Spec / B-Spec, karting, customisation, track editor ... Biggest game of the year and best racing sim ever. :D

@ rockleex : Well, we can't blame them since it's the most important release of the year. ^^

rockleex5073d ago

Talking about GT5, can they?

Shadow Flare5073d ago

Trying to make amends for that fake slow load video probably. I'm more excited about this GT then any other because aside from the mass of new features, this will be the first time I've played it with a steering wheel. I used the wheel with the time trial GT5 demo and it is amazing. The difference in gameplay is unbelievable. Using a wheel is just how your meant to play GT. It loses so much immersion when you use a dualshock. The force feedback is incredible. Even driving down straights, the wheel is fighting against you. So realistic

InfectedDK5073d ago

Kotaku is fake biased crap,
They always write something very good and true and then next they write something totally false and awfull.. I believe they only want hits..

number475073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

fuzzzck kotaku. Seriously. I always would just browse their site every now and then when bored with N4G, always knew they were biased against the PS3, but the GT5 slowdown video, the denial, passing the buck to your own judgement, was it for me. As if they couldn't see people moving in slow motion

Montrealien5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

650 cars, 27 tracks, WRC, day/night, invisible damages, customization...10 years ago.

I still play it now and then, it was such an amazing game, I love this franchise and I cant wait to get it day 1 on November 2nd, however the the comparison chart, they really should show GT2 in there, for the amount of cars it had was just insane for a game that came out over 10 years ago.

JustOne5073d ago

Been reading few comments there on lolaku about this post.. I don't believe how funny and ignorant some people can be, lolaku is full of sony/ps3 haters "aka xbox360 fanbo".. people are really blinded by hate this gen, too bad for them they are missing some of the best games of all time.

vsr5072d ago

by any other developers in the world.
Kazunori Yamauchi is a Developer and Racer Hybrid.

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darkdoom30005073d ago

I disagree. LBP is biggest for me, but im still getting GT. I've never been a racing sim fan, but with all these features, i have to get it.

number475073d ago

of Car Simulation.

PC or Console...

Wheres X800GTS now?

Shadow Flare5073d ago

shagging his graphics card

opoikl5072d ago

+ Bubbles! I lol'd so hard!

JustOne5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

double **.

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rockleex5073d ago (Edited 5073d ago )

Double post

KratosGirI5073d ago

I'll probably play it when my bro gets it. I'm not really that interested in racing sims.

iamgoatman5073d ago

Off topic but your avatar looks like Billy Connolly.

MaximusPrime5073d ago

GT5 signature edition Preordered few weeks ago. I haven't even cancelled it yet :P

Terarmzar5073d ago

GT5 in perspective is AWESOME