What Happened To Gran Turismo?

When thinking about simulation racing games in this console generation, it’s not unreasonable for your first thought to be “Forza”. Microsoft’s first-party sim-racer series has been wildly successful, and for many of us, it’s been the go-to franchise for quite some time. But simulation racing games weren’t always synonymous with Forza; there was a time when Polyphony Digital’s hardcore series, Gran Turismo, reigned supreme. While the long-time franchise continues to sell exceptionally well, there’s no doubt that it isn’t the young, spry series it used to be.

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darthv721651d ago

It doesnt suck but I would love to see a return to form with GT7. Sport is such a departure that it can turn some people off. It has gotten better over time but it's still no match for a proper GT7.

Rude-ro1651d ago

Sport is awesome for what it is...
However, polygon built a whole new engine and the tech is still being worked on...
I understand it is easy to praise a cookie cutter because it release the same game over and over with rotations of maps and cars...
But this engine polygon has designed does more for things other than gaming.

Repetitive old engines with new makeup does not make anyone king.

Gt7 will be most likely in two years with 120fps and ray tracing because their new engines are ready now.

LordStig1651d ago

It decided to focus on racing rather than cars and in the gaming world, racing = gameplay.

Imalwaysright1651d ago

What complete and utter BS. GT has always focused on racing and gameplay.

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neutralgamer19921651d ago

Good I guess selling millions of copies and have OFFICIAL FIA license races and Esports means it sucks

We just don't get it every year which is why ms also delayed next forza. You can't keep making yearly sequels. Quality and innovation takes time

GT sports at launch to now it's a different game and support has been free

Imalwaysright1651d ago

GT games have always sold millions of copies and what's so innovative about GT sport? It's a racing game FFS.

IRetrouk1650d ago

The online championships and tournaments alone offer more innovation than any racer this gen🤷‍♂️ then you also get the live ones in New York etc with proper race like commentary, something else no other sim has done before. It sells millions because it's the best, simple really.

Imalwaysright1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


I'm not even sure why think that having proper like race commentary or championships and tournements is innovative but I'll play along... GT Sport was released in 2017 so how do explain that this video https://www.youtube.com/wat... from 2016 exists?

Dark_Knightmare21650d ago

Spoken like someone who hasn’t played sport

Imortus_san1649d ago

And those Paid demos, that fans try to hide and not talk about it.

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SCW19821651d ago

It became the best online racing community for console players and its an amazing achievment.

Keltech1651d ago

"Forza?" HaHaHaHaHaHaHa!! good joke!

kayoss1651d ago

Too early for an Aprils fool joke.

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ElementX1651d ago

@solidgamerX That's really not very impressive. Somebody with an interest in cars plays racing games and becomes a race car driver. That's like saying "look at this guy, he played COD and now he's in the military"

Imalwaysright1651d ago


You must think that we're all stupid enough to believe that a game will turn anyone into a professional racing driver.

Prince-Ali1651d ago

FORZA!!! AAHAHHAHA !! Haven't i schooled you on this already before! You're still spewing nonsense on this threaddd looool

mcstorm1651d ago

Forza has always been better online than. GT and still is. Great to see PD try something different with GTS but let's face it this gen sonys racing games have been poor this then compaired to what Microsoft has had to offer. Forza 7 is one of the best racing games on xbox and pc but for me Horizon 3 and 4 have set the bar this gen. Of all the things microsoft got wrong this gen 2 of its racing games got a lot right and others are now playing catchup.

DarXyde1651d ago

It's debatable which is the better game. To me, Forza has the upper hand.

But in terms of online community and events? Ha. Don't lie to yourself just because you don't like Playstation.

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Dark_Knightmare21650d ago

Lol not even close have you even played gt sport online?

Imalwaysright1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )


You didn't need to confirm what I already knew: if you didn't think that we're all stupid you wouldn't make such stupid comments that only those that are dead from the neck up will agree with.

IRetrouk1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Did he say gt could turn anyone into a racer? No he didnt, he asked what game has done it like gt has, which is true, gt academy done it throughout gt5 for a start. You need to do some research fella, cause your wrong.. again.

And lmao at element and the downplay, not even similar you crazy man, not even similar🤣 you realise gt has turned gamers into drivers from gt5? Go look at gt academy and tell me how that would be anything like someone playing cod and then joining the army, the downplay in gt articles is funny.

ElementX1650d ago

So you think he learned the required skills playing video games? I remember when people claimed children were learning how to operate guns because of video games, do you think that's also true?

IRetrouk1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Two completely different things and you know it, it is a fact that gt has helped real gamers become real race drivers, the proof is easily available online and I'm not going round searching for links that has been posted many, many times before on this subject, Go and look at gt academy like I mentioned and you can see for yourself, they start out on gt and go from there, so yes the game gran turismo teaches you some driving techniques, now if you can find me a link where someone has been playing cod and went on to become a war hero, please let me know because I couldnt find anything, also do you have a link to where cod has a program to train soldiers? Like cod academy or something?, I couldnt find one of those either, maybe when you do then your comparison will actually make sense.

Imalwaysright1650d ago


You mean the GT academy that provides training and licenses for a person to become a professional racing driver? The GT academy is how you go from being an average driving joe to become a professional racing driver not GT the game.

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xRacer74x1651d ago

Forza owns the racing game scene in my area as far as video games go.

dekke1651d ago

Forza = Arcade
GT= Sim

why u ppl keep comparing those 2 games every time..

Keltech1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

GT owns the console sim racing scene in my area and around the world. Just ask a real race car drivers