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SeanRL3108d ago

Ok, so obviously it wouldn't be that hard just to put in a new Cole/old Cole option and make everyone happy, right?

Seijoru3108d ago

He will probably look more and more like new Cole as you make good/light side choices and more and more like old evil Cole with evil choices.

SaberEdge3108d ago

All I know is that I like the way he runs in this one better than in the first game. His running animation is better.

WhittO3108d ago

^ Ye that would be great, they should put more detail into his appearance with change of good/evil.

Also, is this a sequel to Infamous or a prequel? Because I'm sure I seen a trailer where this city was from his past or something?

Hope we get all of the powers at the end of the first game to use right away in the 2nd, which I think they are doing.

CoxMulder3107d ago


These big gaming sites (GT & 1UP) really need to stop cutting the best bits out of their (PS3?) videos.. What the hell, man?

FACTUAL evidence3108d ago

A little off topic but, ME2, inFAMOUS 2, KZ3, last guardian, socom 4, TM.....omg. Sony never cease to amaze me. EVERY FREAKIN year my wallet is on E because of these A holes!

LordMarius3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

Honestly that Cole right there looked terrible
He looks like a cancer patient

tetsuhana3108d ago

Yeah it must have been just to show that they were changing it, that model definitely didn't look final.

DORMIN3108d ago

I don't give a shit what Cole looks like I just wanna play this damn game!


gamerzBEreal173108d ago

jesus christ guys your never happy first he looks gay i want the old cole they go 50% give u the old cole now ur crying again what are you 13 year old girls? eww hes ugly! his voice is weird! eww hes not howt STFU the same thing is happeing with blood grass and close on mafia2 you guys really need to just play the freaking game the story the gameplay the powers why do u care what he looks like?

Thatguy-3103108d ago

he looks really old !!! :/ this new character does not give me any motivation at all ...would prefer old new cole...

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Seijoru3108d ago

Game looks absolutely amazing. The lighting, particle effects, and destruction rival Killzone 3.

BornToKill3108d ago

if he looked like santa claus i would still buy this game.

ONYX7373108d ago

Ha! that would be classic seeing Santa level buildings and cars by swinging a ball of lightning and making a tornado!

tiamat53108d ago

They could put new Cole as a skin in the game. Any one who wants to play the New Cole can if they want too. Problem solved

Nitrowolf23108d ago

i hope it an option to switch cole, i like how the new cole looked in this scene, the graphics are what makes it look funny to me, Infamous 1 and 2 have a different style of graphics

Sevir043108d ago

Old Cole really doesnt belong in here I really wished Sucker punch had just screw the whinny bitches and made the game the way they wanted it. It's like he has no expression, no soul, no apathy no nothing. it's like they put some lifeless shell in the game with no character what so ever.

WLPowell3108d ago

That's the old cole, that those stupid fucks wanted to begin with. No expression, no character. I hope they're happy.

Gamehead363108d ago

I want him to have a personality without looking all happy and shit...he's gone through hell and that needs to be give him some personality sucker punch without him looking like some happy gay guy

TOO PAWNED3108d ago

i want to cry when i seen new/old cole, he is now back to his generic bald mid 30s guy. Like someone said he doesnt belong in this one. looks like es drug addict. horrible. game went down in my interest level.

King_many_layers3108d ago

wow so many people saying that fans changed the vision, whereas really it was the reviewers of the first game.

Atleast his voice has changed that was the main problem

Sevir043107d ago

He didn't look happy and he didn't look gay, he looked like a man who cleaned up his act and was on his way to starting life all over., why does he have to took like some generic idiot with no soul so you can feel comfartable playing a game with a male lead. I mean really whats wrong with people calling his redesign gay? you guys dont even know what gay looks like. I any case. I hope you are all happy with ths. You screwed with the game now you'll have to live with it. But i'm praying to God Sony and Sucker punch realizes that the fans arent always right. listening to fans a nd critics will sometimes down a game. look what happened to R2 with Insomniac. I just hope the true fans of this game cries even louder. because the world fit with the Cole introduced for this game. Not this Infamous 1 insert.

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