SOCOM 4 Hype Begins

"The SOCOM franchise exclusively on PlayStation platforms, is what has defined online gaming for many PlayStation fans. Today Nick from is pleased to announce that he has Ryan Fedje with him to answer many of our burning questions."

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MariaHelFutura4677d ago

Zipper making it has always been good enough for me.

-Ikon-4677d ago ShowReplies(4)
NY_Pride4676d ago

Definitely the best time to be a PS3 users right now. God damn I love this system! C|:P


Nick2120044677d ago

I definitely cannot wait to see what Zipper can pull off with Socom 4 with the hardware and network they are given. I still find it amazing how they support MAG the way they do while still working on SOCOM 4.

NYC_Gamer4677d ago

hopefully socom4 can bring us all that pure tactical gameplay

Panthers4676d ago

If it feels anything like Socom 2 then I will be happy. That was the best online shooter. Period.

crzyjackbauer4676d ago

lets hope they don't f*ck up on multiplayer
all the single player i've seen so far is just COD in 3rd person
with health regeneration and air strikes please Zipper Dont f*ck up

nycredude4676d ago

It could be said the other way around that COD is just Socom in first person, but with airstrikes and kill streaks.

I really don't see how they are at all similar except the fact that they are both war shooters. One is clearly a tactical shooter and teh other well is just a rail shooter.

Nick2120044677d ago

PLEASE leave a comment on the original post on letting Zipper know what you would like to see in SOCOM 4. I will be passing this along to my contacts and you never know where it could go from there ;)

mrv3214677d ago

A HD remake of socom 2 would be great.

Nick2120044677d ago

Leave any feedback you want read by Zipper on

BattleAxe4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

I'm sure the chance of Zipper seeing peoples thoughts on N4G is as good or better than

Besides, the best place to tell Zipper what you want is on the official Socom Community forums.

-Ikon-4677d ago

ok now you just seem super desperate for hits.

Raoh4677d ago

what hype, isnt this game delayed?

i want socom to return to its former glory so bad, but i don't think sony or even zipper for that matter, really appreciate the value and connection gamers have with socom.

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