Dear Sony – It’s time to revive SOCOM

Sean @ FG: "Dear Sony, We need to talk about SOCOM."

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Neonridr2088d ago

Aim Controller support too, heck just throw in VR while we are at it.

Neonridr2088d ago

to which one? You wouldn't like to be able to use the aim controller for socom? Using a dual shock is more believable?

And why can't VR be an option? I never said to make the game VR exclusive did I?

Silly gameAr2088d ago

No to both. If Socom comes back it needs to come back in all of it's old school glory.

Neonridr2088d ago

@Silly gameAr - so not giving people options is the way to go? I mean if you are so against the aim controller couldn't you just use a dual shock instead? Maybe I am asking too much to have choices to suit different play styles.

Kribwalker2088d ago

I agree liquid. Make it like old school socom. I wanna hide claymores in the grass again 😎

Silly gameAr2088d ago

It's good to have options, but those options just wouldn't suit a game like Socom.

XisThatKid2088d ago

Bring MAG back instead. Zippers last successful game

JackBNimble2088d ago

Not this shit again... you socom fans need to move on

morganfell2088d ago

I want the biggest challenge again - win Enowapi as a SEAL in Breach Mode.

Liqu1d2088d ago

@Neonridr No to both.

Socom 4 allowed you to use the PS Move, it was trash and a waste of development time. They could do a VR firing range or something and I'm sure it would be alright, but if Socom is going to return then they need to stick to basics and provide what fans of the franchise liked. Pointless additions like aim controller and VR support will only bloat development costs and make a revival more risky.

Skull5212088d ago

SOCOM was easily the best franchise on PlayStation, it is sad what has happened to it. I do however have a bad taste in my mouth after SOCOM 4 coming out then PSN immediately hacked and offline for a month... Still to this day I do not trust Sony with my credit card information.

sonarus2088d ago

Big yes to socom will pass on the vr tho

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USMC_POLICE2088d ago

They did that with move on ps3, it was absolutely horrible. Then again all of socom 4 was a train wreck.

Neonridr2088d ago

meh, would never hurt to give options. Move on PS3 was absolutely horrible because the camera sucked real bad. Fairpoint accuracy with the Aim Controller is picked up quite well.

Der_Kommandant2088d ago

No thanks, SOCOM 4 with move was the worst thing ever. The game was bad and that thing made it even worse.

SOCOM Confrontation was decent though.

XisThatKid2088d ago

Wasn't made by zipper it was a glitch mess and people hated on it until people didn't know what they had until it was gone. Then we got SOCOM 4. :(

madforaday2088d ago

Socom Confrontation was GREAT 6 months after the release of the game. Also, once they added the stupid Tilly that was when I quit. I tend to not complain about guns but the Tilly was a sniper rifle/shotgun. That gun was more broken than the IW-80 in Socom 2.

Liqu1d2088d ago

@madforaday That's when I quit as well. Pretty much everyone was using Tilly.

Movefasta19932088d ago

Confrontation was my first socom game and I loved it dearly...I would love a remaster of that if Sony aren't that bothered

madforaday2088d ago


Yeah, it was awful I remember in Blizzard you will have people camping with the Tilly and rushing with the TIlly, it was soo annoying.

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madforaday2088d ago

That is THE worst idea for a Socom type game. You can have the option of course, but no one will use it because a controller will take you down so easily.

WeAreLegion2088d ago

No, it won't. Even on Socom 4, the Move guys were owning the controller guys. It's much faster. Why would you think a controller is faster?

madforaday2088d ago


HAHAH I really hope you are kidding I am sure the 20 people who were using it were owning with it lol ;)

madforaday2088d ago

Also, On VR I don't know how many 3rd person view games there are but I think that would be weird in VR having a guy right in front of you. If you make it 1st person you would be at an unfair advantage compared to the people who aren't.

WeAreLegion2088d ago

3rd person works really well in VR. Maybe games have it.

Movefasta19932088d ago

Socom is for the hardcore/competitive gamer,focus on making a great mp game first then add the bullshit for people who want it

LP-Eleven2088d ago

OT: I'd be all for it! SOCOM is still one of those franchises that a "hidden gem" feel to it!

XanderZane2088d ago

Dear Sony, it's time to revive Syphon Filter.

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Kribwalker2088d ago

One of my favourite games on the ps2. Socom 1/2 got a lot of playtime by me. This one, madden football and ssx3 were my first foray into online console gaming

81BX2088d ago

No sh!t. I was just looking up socom 4 videos last night lol

hit173882088d ago

Yes, slant six did better than them last time. Socom 4 was horrible. confrontation was the last good socom. Well after patches .

Sunny_D2088d ago

I remember that... the load times were haunting.

SolidDuck2088d ago

Not just normal patches. Like a year and half worth of patches. After that it was pretty good.

XisThatKid2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Lol where you there during beta it was absolutely hilarious. GOD I miss that game.....i miss MAG too

81BX2088d ago

Confrontation had the best sounds in any shooter at the time.

luis_spartano2088d ago

Slant Six was shut down a while ago.

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SquidBuck2088d ago

Let's all write Sony that we want Mag 2! Let's make it happen!!! Come on people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hit173882088d ago

Yes to this. It's time look how well battlegrounds is doing. 3rd person shooters are doing a comeback and it's the only game PS4 is missing to make my dream list complete since monster Hunter already is coming and we have crash and a few other classics coming back.