Gameplanet Feature: PlayStation Plus - Pay money for free stuff?

Gameplanet writes: "One of the leverage points Sony have had over Microsoft in the never-ending console war of the modern era has been the online free-to-play model.

While this isn't about to change any time soon, it was inevitable that Sony would eventually incorporate a premium content service in an attempt to trawl the bottom of the ocean for any gamers who currently fulfil the description of "in a recession" and "has spare money". They're calling it PlayStation Plus, and we've spent a bit of time with it over the last few weeks to ascertain if it's a worthwhile investment."

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Focker4203207d ago (Edited 3207d ago )

I've been loving it so far. I just finished the Red Faction Guerrilla trial, And I'm loving the TerRover demo I got from this months Qore. AeroRacer is a cute little game, and I've been chipping away at Wipeout HD and Critter Crunch. (excellent games) It only costs $1 a week so in total I've spent 6 bucks and I've gotten a sh*tload of content.

Cyrus3653207d ago

The service is in the infancy, it'll get better no doubt.

Still curious about all the talk about cross game chat when it was first announced.

Focker-4203206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

Sony themselves stated that if they were to ever implement XGC it would be available to everyone, not just PS+ users. All the talk around the internet was just rumors. Nothing was ever confirmed.

Cyrus3653206d ago

If they were smart they'd only include that as Plus feature. Sure people will bitch and complain, but Plus needs a premium thing that alot of people want...

BeaArthur3206d ago

Still on the regular PSN and I don't see myself switching anytime soon.

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talltony3206d ago

until i just jumped in and got ps plus. I dont mind having new things to download all the time. Its actually pretty sweet to have it.

Darkfiber3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

People are so stupid. They pay money for it, then just download free stuff or "discounted" stuff and think they are getting a good deal because of the amount of potential money they are saving, but in doing so they don't even realize that 90% of the crap they are either buying for cheap or getting for "free" is stuff they wouldn't even have gotten otherwise.

And they think it's "free". Um. You're spending fifty bucks for it, it's not free. And while $50 may not seem like a lot in the long run, think of it this way. Would you spend $50 for avatars or dynamic themes? Would you even spend it on a downloadable game? Most are $10 or something and often cautious about paying that much. You are paying 5 times that for stuff you don't even want, then are too stupid to realize that it's not actually "free" and that you wouldn't have paid for it or full price in the first place. Oh, and you only keep it for as long as you have your subscription, so basically you are only renting it. $50 to rent some avatars and dynamic themes? What are you, retarded? At least Microsoft is upfront with ripping you off, saying plain and simple that you can't play online without a subscription, but with PSN they are ripping off fanboys who are too stupid -- er, I mean "loyal" -- to realize it.

ArcticWolfUK3206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

there also paying to get demo's early, beta's and extra features (more will probably come soon).

imo at the moment ps+ is a rip off unless you already spend a fair bit of money on psn games, bit give it a few month and they'll add more stuff to which might make it worth it. xbl was a bigger rip off when it was released (and still is..), so give it some time to build up.

ActionBastard3206d ago

Did you just say "At least Microsoft is upfront with ripping you off", like it's some sort of positive having to pay for the Internet twice to game with friends? That's some stupid shit.

wicko3206d ago

Yeah, I face-palmed when I read that. I can't believe people are actually justifying XBL gold while comparing it to PS+, and using the term "fanboy" in the same breath.

You'd have to be mentally handicapped to think XBL is a better deal than PS+.

dragon823206d ago (Edited 3206d ago )

I break it down like this:

-The free games that you get to keep until you cancel your subscription are like paying for Gamefly. For the two game Gamefly plan it costs $26/mo. Add that up for a year and your paying $312/year to rent games that you don't get to keep.

-The discounted stuff is like paying for a Sam's Club card. You pay a yearly fee to be able to take advantage of their special pricing. A Sam's Club card is $50/year. See where I am going with this??

***For the record, you get to keep all avatars and themes even if you cancel your subscription. You also get to keep any and all discounted games you purchase. The only things you lose when you cancel are the free games.

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