The Fight: Lights Out Hands-on: "doesn’t utilise the true 1:1 precision that Move is capable of"

PSU writes: "Now here’s a genre that should be a perfect match for PlayStation Move. Imagine being able to step into the body of a fighter, ducking and diving and then throwing an uppercut followed by a flurry of left and right jabs before landing a sucker punch to knock your opponent spark out. That’s really what we hoped to see with The Fight: Lights Out, which has been specifically built from the ground up to take advantage of Sony’s motion-sensing peripheral. We hoped for a game that made us feel like we are actually there in the ring."

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bloopertrooper3701d ago

That is rather disappointing! I mean, if you can't get motion immersion in a boxing game, then the game seems dead on arrival.

Bereaver3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I completely agree, but you gotta think about how it works exactly.

An eye couldn't really tell you that your power's over 9000 now, could it?

So if you swung your arms around like crazy, it just wouldn't be right. But I'm sure they could work out some kind of mechanism to do it right.

But yeah, I would of liked it 1:1.

TotalPS3Fanboy3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

if the game does not focus on creating unique looking fighters with unique moves that players must mimic to perform. Instead, all fighters should just fight like how the gamers would fight exactly, 1 to 1. Damage should then be calculated from how fast the move hit and how far it hit from.

And to make each fighters unique, add a crazy customization system that gamers can utilize to truly create awesome looking fighters.

AAACE53701d ago

There's still time to try working this out, don't discredit it yet!

nickjkl3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

1:1 tracking so far is impossible

idk why people even brought it up

i mean come on

to have something move on screen at the same time that you make a movement even figital cameras arent 1:1 its always a moment behind

Omega43701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

The question is why doesn't it?

Could it be Move can only track 1:1 in 3D in tech demos and not real games (has anyone seen Move track 1:1 in 3D which isn't a tech demo cause K3/Socom etc isn't 3D tracking)?, Could it be using two controllers are once is too much processing for the PS3 too handle? Or is it simply Move isn't ready?

All I know is they got just about a month to fix the issues, which is very worrying indeed.

get2sammyb3701d ago

Sports Champions does it in split-screen multiplayer, so it can handle it fine. The reason The Fight opts for gestures is because none of us are real fighters.

jack_burt0n3701d ago

<get2sammyb knocks omega on his ass>

claterz3701d ago

They won't try to fix it before it's released, the reviews have been good and the guys who made the game even said themselves that it was a better idea to make a gesture based fighting game. Anyway, all the other games that have been shown for Move do show 1:1 tracking.

BornToKill3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )


strickers3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Table Tennis and Sorcery.oh and Echochrome2

3701d ago
mrv3213701d ago

We've seen it done... in video and not by actors do you need more proof?

Would a big red ball help? Or BAM? Or how about no core games?

ChilliDemon3701d ago

I'm sure you don't need to try so hard to be this annoying.

Games4M - Rob3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Wow im touched by your genuine concern but dont worry about it dude.

Check out this video of me playing Sports Champions with the Move and you can clearly see that it does indeed do 1:1 movement in 3D space.

See, all your concerns have dissapeared !

Johnny_Bravo3701d ago

Yea because showing a video blocking out the actual player so you can only see the screen really proves your point.

Games4M - Rob3701d ago

maybe if you tried actually watching the video, like were i put the move controller in front of the camera so you can see how my movements translate into the game, then you wouldnt look like a butt-hurt little tool right now.

ChilliDemon3701d ago

I'd take Games4M - Rob's opinion, him having actually played with it, over yours anyday.

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RememberThe3573701d ago

The concept is cool but the exaction seems lacking. I just looks awkward to play and not fun at all.

Sorry for being so negative.

saint_john_paul_ii3701d ago

no, you're right. i dont see why Sony funded this game if it doesnt use 1:1 motion tracking. fighting games need 1:1.

MajestieBeast3701d ago

Last time we saw this it was like 25% ready ill reserve judgement for now.

claterz3701d ago

This has been pretty obvious since the demos were first released, all the reviews on it have still been solid though, even though it's not 1:1.

This will probably throw a lot of people off buying it too, the main selling point for Move is accuracy so I doubt many people will want to play a game that's not 1:1 like Sony promised.

GeoramA3701d ago

This game has always had negative press. Definitely the weakest link in the launch lineup.

lol @ Omega, i'm sure he's really "worried"

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