God of War creator confirms three PS3 exclusives

David Jaffe confirmed in an interview with GamePro that Eat Sleep Play's three upcoming games would in fact be original PS3 exclusives.

Jaffe clarified statements that in addition to the Twisted Metal: Head-On port for PS2, his new independent studio of 20 employees will concurrently be working on the first of three original games exclusively for PlayStation 3.

"I can't disclose themes," Jaffe said, "but the new game is medium to hardcore in terms of game play and will focus heavily on multiplayer."

Whoooop6044d ago

wish one of those was coming this year.. :P

gaffyh6044d ago

The "multiplayer focused" one better not be Calling All Cars 2, I will hunt Jaffe down and beat him to death if he does that. :)

Odion6044d ago

are these going to be PSN games? Or more God of war style?

AznSniper6044d ago

He said they would be either PSN or real PS3 games. He is not sure yet.

iNcRiMiNaTi6044d ago

prolly 1 major one and the other 2 PSN....who knows...and he says medium to hardcore with multiplayer...does that mean its not god of war?

Siesser6044d ago

He's basically said GoW's in Barlog's hands now. It's no longer his property to fret over, but that he wouldn't be adverse to offering his opinion along the way, should they want it.

The Wood6044d ago

lets see what dj and co can pull out of the bag this time. Can anybody say OPTIMIZED

IRONMAN4576044d ago

more ps3 exclusives, just what we need, what will they be though, we'll soon find out