20 Best PS2 Games of All Time

Cultured Vultures: We're about to make some of you feel ancient as we reel off the best PS2 games from generations past.

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MadLad564d ago

I don't know about 20, but I know Dragon Quest VIII, FFXII, and Persona 3 are my top 3.

No particular order. Not a huge JRPG guy, but these hit it home for me.

Flawlessmic563d ago

Fairly solid list, would only change a few, I'd put onimusha in there, ico, personally would have vice city.

Then again I'd double up on some series dmc 1, all 3 gtas, both metal gears, all 3 jaks.

Ps2 was just crazily stacked really, every time I think back on it, those were the good days of gaming.

sagapo563d ago

Was thinking the same about Vice City. But yeah, solid list and great era of games!

shinoff2183563d ago

I still think ps1 was better game wise, but im sure thats an age thing depends on what you grew up with to an extent. I feel san andreas is to this day the best gta made. None compare 5 is close imo but just doesnt best it


Konami didn't recover after ditching Kojima, but this Metal Gear revival is its best shot

With Kojima gone, a lot is riding on Konami's revival of Metal Gear.

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Jingsing2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Not really, Konami is basically in name only and like so many other Japanese studios that have come and gone they are just going to be an IP troll and milk that cow until it is dry. Also one of the advertised features is playing the game from a different camera view while everything else remains the same will just result in making the game easier like what happened with Twin Snakes.

Cacabunga2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

If this turns out good and gamers support it we will get the other ones.. i really hope we get MGS original in zanzibar, Peace Walker and Portable Ops remakes after this one.. they are related with naked snake

Portable Ops was sooooooo good and underrated

gold_drake1d 21h ago (Edited 1d 21h ago )

Konami might not be super active in the videogame business anymore, or less, but they still make a ton of money with their collections and pachinko machines.

and their castlevania series on netflix is really successful also.

just_looken1d 19h ago


Your dislikes shows this sites situation

Konami has been doing all of that for years now like there contra games or mgs ports

mgs survive anyone

isarai2d ago

When are people going to learn that all Konami is doing with these games Is licensing them out? They are not trying to revive their game development Branch and they are not the ones developing this. It is studios that came to them and asked to use the license to make a game and they have been doing this pretty much since MGSV

jeromeface2d ago

Remaking all his work reaks of desperation. The only reason they are getting away with it is everyones deep love for the series. If delta is successful (which as of right now it should be), they'll be sure to remake all of them.

Redgrave2d ago

Big shoes to fill, and compared to SH2 - this is as much a 1:1 remake as you can get. You can still see the PS2 bones in the movements and how the cutscenes have the same angles. If anything, I'd have preferred the reverse.... with SH2 being closer to a 1:1 remake but prettier, and have MGS3 have a little more freedom.

Ideally, MGS3 with a MGSV skin in terms of gameplay and freedom of approach. This is more like a high budget remaster than a remake. Having recently replayed the Bluepoint remaster, this is going to be like that same experience but even prettier.

But, as with both MGS3 and SH2, nearly impossible shoes to fill if not outright so. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Such is the legacy of these GOAT titles.

Inverno1d 23h ago

It's a one to one remake, using the same voice recordings too. Not a reimagining, no new content thus far announced, just a straight remake of a game that already exists, but now with prettier graphics. There's no revival, they proved they can't make anything related to MG after Survival. They'll just remake all the games and people will eat it up.

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Cacabunga4d ago

Loved the video! Hyped for this one

RaidenBlack3d ago

Its a 2025 game isn't it?
So a current kojima game (DS2) will release close to a reworked past Kojima game (MGS3)

dumahim4d ago

Aren't they just reusing the original voice tracks?

neomahi3d ago

Yes, no new dialogue. Just a fancy paint job

just_looken3d ago

Yes its just hideo kojimas team work they did back in 2014 that was used on the plachinko machine.

But everyone is giving david high fives he is no doubt doing a da f? face sense he has not been on konami soil sense the phantom pain situation like a decade now LOL.

just_looken3d ago

No this is the voice work from the hd version/plachinco version

David hayter has not been back there for many many years any true mgs fan know's this

Nittdarko3d ago (Edited 3d ago )

That's so funny considering the VA of Zero has tweeted hes been doing extra voice work with the rest of the cast, guess you ain't a real fan ><

Number1TailzFan4d ago

Probably the best thing in the whole showcase so far..

outsider16244d ago

I was so disappointed by Dragon Age tbh..i didnt even know it was DA until i heard the Warden...😤😤

bababooiy4d ago

The remnants of it initially being a co-op multiplayer game are clearly still there. Im guessing thats why it had such a huge tonal shift. Not to mention the complete butchering of the lore with that veil jumper, which makes no sense.

Sonic18814d ago

This and Doom