20 Best PS2 Games of All Time

Cultured Vultures: We're about to make some of you feel ancient as we reel off the best PS2 games from generations past.

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MadLad71d ago

I don't know about 20, but I know Dragon Quest VIII, FFXII, and Persona 3 are my top 3.

No particular order. Not a huge JRPG guy, but these hit it home for me.

Flawlessmic71d ago

Fairly solid list, would only change a few, I'd put onimusha in there, ico, personally would have vice city.

Then again I'd double up on some series dmc 1, all 3 gtas, both metal gears, all 3 jaks.

Ps2 was just crazily stacked really, every time I think back on it, those were the good days of gaming.

sagapo71d ago

Was thinking the same about Vice City. But yeah, solid list and great era of games!

shinoff218370d ago

I still think ps1 was better game wise, but im sure thats an age thing depends on what you grew up with to an extent. I feel san andreas is to this day the best gta made. None compare 5 is close imo but just doesnt best it