Pirated Starcraft II Wings of Liberty .EXE Files Infected with Malware

It has happened to both Windows 7 and Office 2010, and many other pieces of software, and now it’s the turn of the recently launched Starcraft II Wings of Liberty. Microsoft has warned that fake Starcraft 2 files associated with illegal, pirated copies of the game from Blizzard, contain malware, with downloads from various sources including BitTorrent trackers and warez websites serving as vessels for the malicious code. Some gamers will undoubtedly turn to torrents or other examples of file sharing networks looking for free Starcraft 2 downloads now that the title is officially available. However, they should be aware of the risks that their actions imply.

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MasterChief36244806d ago

Effing pirates. The cancerous organisms that are eating virtually every industry out there from the inside, out.

electricshadow4806d ago

Wonderful news. Pirates deserve it. They're the scum of the gaming industry.

jaosobno4806d ago

Actually the real scum of the gaming industry are greedy developers and publishers that produce subpar games and then charge insane amounts of money for them.

Or developers that split, what should have been an entire game, into 3 parts under excuse that "it will be a better experience". How? How is buying 1 game 3 times "a better experience"?

ApexHell4806d ago

the two expansions which will be priced as expansions probably 40$ a piece are no different then what broodwar was for sc1, each one has there own campaign and each one will have there own ladders for multiplayer since multiplayer changes and enhancments will occur.

its not the same game 3 times.

Awookie4806d ago (Edited 4806d ago )

Dude have you played the game? they made it with storytelling and immersion in mind, the premission Hub (being able to go to different parts of the ship) wouldn't work if they had all the races.

And Starcraft 2 is not subpar at all amazing production values and game balance.

radphil4805d ago (Edited 4805d ago )


So if you want to have the full MP experience we need to shell out ~$140?

And they stated they'll be full games, not expansions, which means chance are they'll be $60, considering the amount of money they spent and are still spending on the production values.

Granted these pirates got what they deserve for not only pirating the game, but also not even checking behind themselves.

Also I find it funny that people on here are just close minded into black and white. Some people actually download games to try them out (surprising right?). Hell for example a friend of mine allowed me to try out Minecraft Alpha, and now that I actually had the chance to play the full game, I bought a copy myself.

~$13 for the game before it goes beta, in which i suggest everyone to check it out fyi.

kevnb4805d ago

if only we could kill gamestop, piracy and game rental services.

Ilikegames764806d ago

for pirating the game is that they're going to try it first before buying, there's a demo out for it. There's no reason to pirate a great (IMO) game. Diablo 2 was so good for me that I bought two copies just to play with GF, now my wife.

Darkfocus4806d ago

there's is no SCII demo that I'm aware of..

ApexHell4806d ago

there are two 7 day trial keys that come with every game sold.

Darkfocus4806d ago (Edited 4806d ago )

why wouldn't they just make the trial available to everyone?

IdleLeeSiuLung4806d ago

Yeah, what's up with that. Why wouldn't they make the trial for everyone? Are they afraid people will use multiple accounts?

steve30x4805d ago

What good is the trial keys when not everybody can get them. Thats not classed as a demo. A demo is a freely available piece of a game that is available to abslutely everybody instead of relying on getting a trial key from a friend.

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ultramoot4806d ago (Edited 4806d ago )

This is not news. Lots of pirated games in the past have been reported to contain viruses. Half of them turn out to be false alarms, while the other half stems from the stupidity of people not checking the authenticity of the file with other people first. Go to any torrent website and read the comments. They'll tell you which file is clean and which is fake. Besides, the reported torrent will be removed by the site admins within 12 hours.

“Another interesting file we saw is "StarCraft.2.Wings.Of.Lib erty.CLONEDVD-WW TRAINER.exe"

Oh please, a trainer is programmed to read your keystrokes and manipulate the game memory to give you God Mode, Unlimited Ammo, etc. during the game. That's why it's called a 'cheat program'. Only amateurs complain about trainers containing trojans.

Darkstorn4806d ago

Starcraft 2 is a big enough release to justify buying the game. Honestly pirates, don't you want to play online multiplayer?

steve30x4805d ago

I bought the game for offline mode only. I will never play the game online. Online gameplay is not for everybody you know.