For the first time ever, the world champion of StarCraft 2 is a non-Korean player

DSOGaming writes: "The World Championship Series for StarCraft 2 has just ended and for the first time ever, the world champion in this strategy game is not a Korean player. The best StarCraft 2 players for 2018 is the Finnish player Serral."

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thatguyhayat925d ago

Whoa whoaa no need for that man

Lionalliance925d ago

Wow, where the hell did that came from sir?

Asuka925d ago (Edited 925d ago )

Someone didn't have their nap today

InTheZoneAC925d ago

is this how serious Koreans are about their game, they take it personally?

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ErogeMaster925d ago

Theyre too busy dominating in their other game which is tekken.