Silent Hill 8 returns to 'core spirit'

Play.tm: Writer Tom Waltz tells FearNet that work on Silent Hill 8 is progressing well and that it looks to return to the quality achieved with the earliest instalments of the franchise.

Cloudberry5053d ago

More scary just like Silent Hill 1, 2, & 3, I hope...

Kingdom Come5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

...and always will be.

ExplosionSauce5053d ago

Where's Silent Hill 6 and 7? Did I miss something? Lol

Cloudberry5053d ago

Silent Hill 4 The Room.

Silent Hill Origins (5?).

Silent Hill Homecoming (6?).

Silent Hill Shattered Memories (7?).

I think.........

ExplosionSauce5053d ago

Didn't know origins counted. I thought Homecoming counted as the 5th game. Shattered Memories was a retake on the first game. I'm so confused!!! Lol
You may have a point with this though.

CrawFail5053d ago

if anything Shattered Memories shouldn't count, with it being technically a remake of the first game brought into the 21st century.
Origins counts as it's a game in it's own right with an original story.

I still maintain though that Silent Hill 1 through 3 were by far the best. The Japanese team and Akira needs to return to the franchise. I hope they can do something good and original with it again as the last few American produced games were total rubbish.

Hitman07695053d ago

Origins was so bad ass for a handheld title.

Etseix5052d ago

am.... Origins its number 0, on japan its called Silent Hill Zero for a reason :|

ExplosionSauce5052d ago

With Shattered Memories not counting, then this should be SH7 would it not?

Also, I heard Akira isn't making the music for this new game :(

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Timesplitter145053d ago

Silen Hill has been pretty much gone ever since SH4. I hope this time they'll do it right

Chris3995053d ago

Not my favorite (that would be 1 or 3); but the creepy Oedipus complex serial murderer was interesting. And the last boss was totally F-d up.

5 is where the series really derailed for me. The plot was paper thin (I figured it out in like an hour), the script was terrible and none of the characters were engaging or interesting.

It was the only SH game I didn't play for multiple endings. It just wasn't very scary.

Shattered Memories for PSP/ PS2/ Wii is interesting, btw. Not a traditional SH, more of an adventure game, but kind of cool. Better than 5, for sure.

CrawFail5053d ago

Everything you just said is exactly how I feel.


everybody has a favourite, im sure this one will get theyres too

Natsu X FairyTail5052d ago

Am i the only one that really enjoyed HOMECOMING? The gameplay was a little bit off but the game was Scary!

STONEY45052d ago

Meh, the trailer didn't look very good, and the music sounded really generic compared to Yamaoka's music. I Personally I think 1-3 were amazing, 4 was good, and everything after was subpar.

TheGearsStillTurn5052d ago

I thought the music was good, not scary but good.

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Kingdom Come5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

I really hope that this game can redeem the franchise, "Homecoming" was a huge insult to the franchise and completely took the fear and atmosphere out of the series. It will be difficult to top Silent Hill 1 & 2, but if the game could achieve close to that standard it would still be one Hell of an achievement. The huge problem with Homecoming was the character, with him being in the military, he was a trained killer, I think with the character in Silent Hill 8 being a prisoner, he will have a huge psychological problem perhaps? Either way, I'm hoping for a much more frightening experience than Homecoming, and let's be honest, it cant be that difficult, I didn't even jump once whilst playing it... but Silent Hill 2, that was a thing of Nightmares. Powerful Stuff, lets hope this can be.

mantisimo5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

1-3 were really the pinnacle of the series.

2 was the best of all for the atmosphere/music/story and characters.

4 was OK but I wouldn't really class it as a silent hill, more a distant cousin.

Homecoming was the derailment of the series not very interesting and not very scary either shock wise or phsychologically. (Although seems popular with the newer players to the series)

If 8 does go back to the original creeping character story driven early titles with music/atmospherics to match (even with the new composer)then a day 1 for me.

(I don't want a macho hard head fighter as the hero/antihero either, James was good because he couldn't fight particularly well).


this game will be insane!! i cant wait!!!!!

Batzi5053d ago

I am sure I will love that!

Hitman07695053d ago

Hells yeah I love me some survival horror!