PSN Can Move Too

PSNStores runs the gamut on Move compatible games coming out on the PlayStation Network.

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playstation_clan4808d ago

wow, this is awesome, thank you sony. ps move is going to have so much games its unbelievable

Joule4808d ago

It would be more awesome if people went on the forums to talk about it.


RosoTron364808d ago

I always find it funny that the "Comment" section is more of a "Discussion" section... People who complain about having less bubbles are pretty weird. You have more than one point to make, make a thread eh?

Quagmire4808d ago


N4G has forums? funny that


The Catalog of Games for Move, it is more than 40 Games.

Including Hardcore.

NYC_Gamer4808d ago

its good to see sony giving move so much support

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rdgneoz34808d ago

Can't wait for Under Siege, haven't heard anything lately about it besides the "pushed back so that it could be released to coincide with the Move controller". Looks like it'll be a fun game.

MajestieBeast4808d ago

Flower with move would be alot sweeter then with the sixaxis.

Briefcase Joe4808d ago (Edited 4808d ago )

How? If all you had to do was point at the screen, the game would be even easier than it already is. I don't see how Move could improve it. I think it's fine the way it is, or maybe I could be overlooking something that would improve it.

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Air Conflicts: Secret Wars debuted in 2011, and later updated for modern consoles. However, it's the PlayStation 3 edition that stands out.


Why the PlayStation Move Failed

Sony's PlayStation Move may not have been able to contend with Nintendo's Wii, but it paved the way for PlayStation VR's success story.

SullysCigar742d ago

I use them most days and have for years 🤷🏻‍♂️

They're definitely way past a needed update, but I've got a tonne of fun out of them, so they haven't failed me.

bouzebbal741d ago

The best motion control platform it's so intuitive.. Died due to lack of support from Sony.. It had some amazing games

thorstein742d ago

They are used constantly for PSVR games. So, no they haven't failed. Neither has PSVR (or VR in general.)

Bigman4k742d ago (Edited 742d ago )

The article was talking about why it ps move failed before psvr came along


It failed because it sucked plain and simple.


I feel that's a bit harsh. To this day, playing Killzone 3's campaign with PS Move/Sharpshooter gun combo is the most fun/immersive experience I've ever had with an FPS.

I think Move was simply not as profitable as Sony wanted it to be, but it didn't "suck".


It most definitely sucked. You people can act like it was something special all you want but it was horrible. The entire motion control fad was a waste of resources and time. Ever single motion controller besides the Wii failed and is no longer being used today in gaming. It's ok to admit it...

Minute Man 721742d ago


The Move was better that the Wii mote. If the Wii was anywhere accurate as the Move was you could say the Wii was better. Sure it sold boatloads but was it really played consistently??

yeahokwhatever742d ago

I played it in 3D with the move gun on a 100 inch projector and it BLEW MY MIND. I was exhausted, but i finished the campaign standing there.

SullysCigar742d ago

"Ever single motion controller besides the Wii failed and is no longer being used today in gaming"

Just no. Games release most weeks (for years now) that support Move controllers. Some ONLY use Move controllers.

Look, I get you're not a fan, but if you're going to rant, at least inform yourself in advance.

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LordoftheCritics742d ago

I would say both Move and Kinect weren't supported properly.

Sony and MS abandoned what could have been amazing.