New Weapons, Maps, Modes and Patches Coming to MAG

Mr. Scott Rudi, lead designer on MAG , has returned to the show to regale tales of MAG’s past, present and future, and he even unveils some new SOCOM 4 info!

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SeanRL3104d ago

I was disappointed as well, I wish it had been more like the first trailer they had shown (I think at e3 2008). I think it's main problem was that it was ahead of it's time and was held back by it. If it had come out 5 years later I think it could have reached it's potential.


Garnett3104d ago

It had nothing to do with the time it came out, it was about the PS2 level gameplay.

Quality> Quantity

But i respect the developers, they are the only consoles developers to try 256 players on the hardest console to develop for.

Jrome3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

The gameplay was great... i think the problem was the graphics [email protected] who thought it was lacking in that department, which it is. But it's still fun to play :D.


It is tactical...on a large scale. It takes a lot of coordination to win on domination, especially if you are playing against clans or skilled players. Small scale tactics is a lot different than large scale tactics, this is an all out war shooter, not a 8v8, take it slow to preserve numbers shooter.

If they wanted to make it a slow paced tactics (with 256 ppl on a map), the maps would have to be waayyy bigger, with full access to buildings, etc. That's more on a ps4 level.

SeanRL3104d ago

I didn't mind the graphics, it just wasn't as tactical as it should have been.

Rich16313104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

It was just such a skimpy barebones game, it didn't help that the general presentation (animations, music, menus, sound) was awful. Seriously, nobody was expecting great graphics and that is fine but the sound effects are like BB guns, the voice overs are atrocious, and the animations like reloading the launcher are about as bad as they come. At 60 bucks the content is severely lacking, there is like a 5 or 6 maps, and only 3 assault rifles, I mean come on!

Plus the online numbers are crummy, and not many bought the DLC last time so, honestly what is the point now? I agree with Garnett to a T, boring generic game play but props to Zipper for pulling of 256 with no lag.

Edit: Dude don't call me 360 bot when I am not, I played this game and it sucks hence the seventy something metacritic score. The game lets you look up a player, next time you log in, type in Rich-0589 and you will see I pumped in plenty of time.

Trroy3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

Man, you sound like you've never played the game.

The sound and gameplay are amazing. The graphics are great, given what's going on. There are 18 maps, and most of them are many times the size of the typical shooter map -- making them that many times the content, since they take that much longer to learn, and you start in a different area in each match.

Reading internet posts by 360 bots doesn't equate to actually having tried the game.

ThanatosDMC3104d ago

Rich-0589 has logged in 10:10:39 as Valor with one grimreaper ribbon. He's also an lmg nub wearing heavy armor and has two purple hearts which means he's died more than his kills.

Check ThanatosDMC and compare.

dkgshiz3104d ago

I see why you hate the game. You suck at it. I looked you up and lol'd. Cry somewhere else.

sikbeta3104d ago

New Weapons & Maps is what the game needed from quite some time, this will make it more enjoyable...

tyrex3104d ago

the game was fun as hell to me. i was in the beta but i am still planing on getting this game.

DA_SHREDDER3104d ago

b MAG has been the most supported fps on consoles this gen. Not only that but its the most enjoyable online experience Ive ever had. Thanx Zipper.

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