inFamous 2 Cut-Scenes Are Works Of Comic Book Art

inFamous 2 Cut-Scenes Are Works Of Comic Book Art Let's get hyped up for inFamous 2, with a look at the gorgeous 2D comic book style cut-scenes that tell the story of Cole McGrath's little trip to New Marais.

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Poseidon3035d ago

damn straight, and dont you forget it

TheAntiFanboy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

Uh. Okay then.

nickjkl3035d ago

wait infamous 2 uses the comic book art for cutscenes i thought the reason they only used the comic book art for cutscenes was because the in game characters were not up to standards

on second thought the comic book type cutscenes worked well with infamous 1 is it worth it to switch

D4RkNIKON3035d ago

nice troll attempt but it was unsuccessful

nickjkl3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

i wasnt troling how the hell was i trolling or did you guys fail at english

i asked infamous 2 uses comic book style for cutscenes

and i stated the reason the developers used the comic book style for cutscenes i guess i didnt make it clear enough that i was talking about infamous 1 although i thought some one would catch on that it was infamous 1 because we know nothing about infamous 2 cutscenes

mis quoted it was a reviewer that came up with the reason they used the comic book style in infamous 1 was because the graphics werent up to standards

quoted from
"However, the quality of these scenes was seen to negatively highlight the poor animation used for in-game generated cut-scenes and the quality of the voice work; Miller considered Cole's voice to be too gravelly for the character."

gtamike3035d ago

Comic book cut scenes are good just like in TW2 :)

TheAntiFanboy3035d ago

Anyone else reminded of MGS Peace Walker and Portable Ops? This is a really attractive way of doing cutscenes. I love it.

alphakennybody3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

even older, Twisted Metal 2.

HydraxFFx3035d ago

Reminds me of FolkLore, but maybe I'm the only one who played that game here.

spunnups3035d ago

No, I loved it and am anticipating a sequel someday.

Imperator3035d ago

Your not the only one. Folklore was a great game. It had the best use of the six axis (imo) and is on of the most underrated games ever.

PirateThom3035d ago

Ashley Wood is really cool, Digital Graphic Novel on PSP is pretty cool as well.

He does other stuff, but his MGS stuff is sublimely good.

zatrox3035d ago

Oh my, just like Folklore.
What a great game that was.

Hellsvacancy3035d ago (Edited 3035d ago )

The comic clips r what got my interest in the 1st game, there GREAT, there wasnt enough of them imo, and how the game ended? 4-got bout that, cant wait 4 inFamous 2

Its funny coz b4 inFamous came out i remember commentin (several times) on how the game looked crappy and NONE appealin, but it kept gettin such high review scores so i thought *i could atleast rent it* its a GREAT game but its how the game ended that made it (4 me) a LOAD better, REALLY makes me wanna know what happens next (i dont get that with many games)

Meanin, DAY 1 BABY (ill probably complete it the same day aswell so i know what happens)

Ive been smokin heavily so sorry 4 ramblin on


PirateThom3035d ago

I remember being vaguely interested but not overly so, played the demo and thought it was dire and only got the game because I forgot about the order on amazon I had placed.

Played the game through twice straight through, loved it, platinumed it.

It's a weird one. I don't think the demo presented it well and it wasn't shown heavily enough.

STICKzophrenic3035d ago

It's weird because I had seen a few videos and was kinda 'meh' on it, then I played the demo and ended up buying it day one I believe.

Also the game was so awesome, I bought the GigaWatt blades off of EBay for more than I should have. I tried getting GameStop to give me some, but they said they didn't have any left.

Comic style cut-scenes FTW. I'm worried they're going to go Uncharted 2 with it and make it more cinematic with action cut-scenes. There's nothing wrong with Uncharted 2, it's an amazing game, but I'd like Sucker Punch to stay on the path they started, and not follow Naughty Dog.

N4BmpS3035d ago

I guess saying Sucker Punch "stepped their game up," is an understatement.

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