Kinect lag still a problem for THQ's UFC Trainer

Microsoft dev team Rare may have said recently that latency issues with Kinect are "not an issue", but THQ's Global publishing executive VP Ian Curran has chimed in to say he's reluctant to show off his upcoming Kinect title UFC Trainer "until there's absolutely no lag with the technology and the game".

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dizzleK3010d ago

like they say "any press is good press". keep talking about kinect, i almost even forgot about move at this point and i read n4g everyday. if even i'm forgetting about it then the average consumer doesn't even know about it.

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MajestieBeast3010d ago

I know right fapping off to the 360 symbol does that to you. Makes you forget about a lag free and a controller that actually shown to work with hardcore games and actually has some hardcore game support.

RememberThe3573010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

This is what the faithful are down to? "It sucks but at least they're talking about how much it sucks." lol

Sleipnir: lol your having way too much fun trolling. Go do something constructive :)

Bigpappy3010d ago

May be their approach is wrong for the tech. EA is going sports active and UBI is doing "Your shape". Why is THQ having these bad lag issues. May be their game just can not match the compitition. May be they want to give an impression of quality first. I don't know what it is, but they sure sound like they are trying to compete and that they have confidence that this will be a great Kinect game when they work out the kinks. Keep working guys, and youwill get there. It is only hard the first time.

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ThanatosDMC3010d ago

6 fitness games at launch...

T9X693010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

There's 4, not 6. Do some research troll.

EDIT: Yea because we all know I said 4 fitness games wasn't that many./s

zeeshan3010d ago

Yes because we all know 4 fitness games aren't that many. /s

Rtard THE HD VERSION3010d ago

Calling the kettle black much ?

Pennywise3010d ago

More than one is too many... Go away.

ThanatosDMC3009d ago

I just just read the article actually and it said 6. I was just restating what i read. Is there anything wrong with that???

joypads3010d ago

kinect is for halo fans & halo is for kids. lol

RadientFlux3010d ago

you must be a child, because children are the only ones that care if something is kiddy or not

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