Xbox LIVE: Upgrade to Gold and Get Free Avatar Items

Microsoft has launched a new promotion in an attempt to entice users to subscribe to Xbox LIVE’s Gold service, in addition to a current discount on the price. Gamers who upgrade their Xbox LIVE membership to a gold account will receive not only a 50% discount on a three month subscription, but also a free item for their Avatar.

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Forbidden_Darkness3012d ago

OMG! I so can't wait until my bro gets a 360 so i can dress up my advatar in FREE clothing :)

Yi-Long3012d ago

... I love the avatars, but the whole clothing milking is such a shame...

I rather would have seen more games using 'rewards', or when you buy certain games, you get the corresponding avatar stuff for free. So when you purchase Monkey Island 2 on XBLA, you get the Guybrush suit for free, and link avatar stuff to achievements ( with certain achievements, you'd unlock certain avatar items)

Playerz83012d ago

What are these "Avatars" of which you speak of?" There are some many meanings of the word (the movie, the Last Airbender, website avatars, xbox avatars) I get confused. Hahaha

kevco333012d ago

All those meaning are the same thing! ;) An "Avatar" is a virtual representation of yourself.

HDgamer3012d ago

Man o man I feel like a little girl dressing my avatar that can't do much of nothing in a 3d space.

Spenok3011d ago

Lol. seriously. Avatars are lame, just like Miis and Home avatars... I wis they had stayed optionl like Microsoft said they were going to be.

DelbertGrady3012d ago

The 50% discount on a three month subscription sounds more tempting.

Jerk1203012d ago

And the best part? No sucky Second Life clone to show it off with.

mrv3213012d ago

Mii clones are much better...

slimy the g8ter3012d ago

cuz u troll alot.talking about the ps3 when nobody else brings it up

kasasensei3012d ago

Microsoft is desperately asking for more gold subscribers. How strange.
10$ off for one year sub, then first month for 1$, then 3 month for 10$.... And now that crap for avatar.
Maybe there is not so many gold subscribers after all.

shikwan3012d ago

If u call that desperate, then I guess car manufacturer's have been desperate for years...and oh, wait...! I just went to the supermarket & there is so much stuff on sale! Boy those companies must be desperate too!

What a (dumb ass) world we live in.

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The story is too old to be commented.