Kinect - a DO and DO NOT guide of how to play

GamesRadar: Microsoft's motion sensing Kinect device has been surrounded by controversy over what it can and cannot do. So much so, in fact, we're losing count. So, based on what we know so far, we've put together this guide on how you will and won't be able to use Kinect when it's finally released.

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Shadow Flare3650d ago ShowReplies(10)
Omega43650d ago

Just when you thought a day could go by without a negative Kinect article............*sigh*

deadreckoning6663650d ago

I thk the article is meant to be a joke. I chuckled :)

3650d ago
hazelamy3649d ago

yeah gamesradar do loads of articles like this that are just for fun.
some people need a sense of humour transplant, because their own is clearly on it's last legs and about to fail. :)

Fishy Fingers3650d ago

Is it really negative? Seems all pretty accurate in it's information, it's just being displayed in a rather comedic fashion.

Spenok3649d ago

Im pretty sure your right.

rwarner1743650d ago

Honestly, as much as this idea sucks. There should be a new joke every 6 hours or so.

doG_beLIEfs3650d ago

from 2007 and 2008. closing Omega4 go.........
some more.

CimmerianDrake3650d ago

But I'd prefer to use this one instead...

CimmerianDrake3649d ago

Ah, looking for cheap laughs eh? Ok. Well anyway, in response to your question, I love that vid in its context with the comment. But writing all of that out is a pain.

Rhythmattic3650d ago

So it seems.... So it seems...

bjornbear3650d ago

its so unfair! the PS3 fanboyz why! ='(

IdleLeeSiuLung3650d ago

It is kind of funny, but I'm suck of the fanboys coming in spouting nonsense... they aren't funny, just annoying!

sonnyz3650d ago

"but I'm suck of the fanboys coming in spouting nonsense"

I don't know what that means but it sounds disgusting...

caladbolg7773650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Sucking and spouting. Mhmm. That sticky white goo ain't "nonsense" they're spouting.

Christopher3650d ago

Telling women to play games in skimpy, tight clothing is negative?


insomnium3649d ago

Well yeah I'm sure they'll run home scared and call you a pervert after that. Not that good.

If you mean playing with your wife and have her undressed while playing. Well cool but I don't need a videogame to get my woman naked thanks!

Christopher3649d ago

You do know it's a joke, right insomnium? That's also why I put the ':p' after my statement.

Mmmkay3650d ago

just when i thought i had ignored omega... guess that was my last account closed by the mob...

SuperStrokey11233650d ago

The articles are negative cause the machine deserves negative press. THis system is stupid. The same people saying its great and will be fun are the same people who badmouthed the wii cause it made you "look stupid" while you played it. Its 100x worse. It deserves all of these things. If you care gonna call something the next big thing it better be the next big thing or expect some negative press about it, well thats exactly what is happening and rightfully so.

Sarcasm3650d ago

You can almost see the single tear coming down Omega4's eye...

n4gno3649d ago

MS employees like omega can't enjoy facts, jokes, and real numbers. :)

jneul3649d ago

apart from the kinect fail articles are justified because it does not work properly, whereas when you lost posted daily doom articles about the ps3 and anything sony it pretty much was not justified, and most of the time you was just jealous.

0mega43649d ago

if kinect was any good there wouldn't be so many negative articles

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Alos883650d ago

DO- Secretly record a friend playing Kinect in the most exaggerated ridiculous way possible and then put it on youtube.
DO- carefully check your house to make sure your friends haven't thought of the same thing first.

bacano3650d ago

I'm a 360 user but I lol'ed. Honestly, I don't care much about kinect

NeutralGamer3650d ago

Me neither...

I stamp Kinect as a fail... No fanboyism or so I just doesnt interest me and I bet it doesnt interest a lot other people...

cliffbo3650d ago

Do clear a space in your drawer next to your HD-DVD

bjornbear3650d ago

ITS HUGE!" people are going to need a BIG drawer! =P

jack_burt0n3649d ago

I cant wait for all the micro zealots on N4G to lay down their cash for it, pure comedy greatness.