Top sexual themes in games that could make Kinect a must have device

Kinect has core potential says RARE, but if some developers really pushed the boat out we could see phwoar potential. Msxbox-world explores the possibilities.

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zerocool33973016d ago

would never happen. MS policies and all that

lzim3016d ago

as a distributor there's is only one of granting access or not.

There's already access to porn of all kinds through Xbox.

Second is giving the right to code games for the platform to AAA adult game developers.. there only a couple of those in the world anyway, I couldn't blame them if the issue was that it would be pointless without the possibililty of dozens of games a year from a collection of adult game developers.

Meaning as there would be money in it for MS and their shareholders, why wouldn't they do it for the money?

Should there be some kind of contest for indie adult games? you know the porn industries of the world would in on that in a second.

Focker-4203016d ago

Isn't that what the internet is for?? With the porn idustry getting into 3D I could see this happening.


How about Tears of Whore?

thebudgetgamer3016d ago

you're the number one non porn site on the internet. witch makes it the trillionth overall.

Bocanegra3016d ago

Uhhh, I think I'll stick with the real deal for now.

n to the b3016d ago

lol @ your avatar bocanegra

also: lol budgetgamer nice reference to a classic simpsons episode.

shades723016d ago

This will never get passed as Microsoft are aiming towards family with Kinect, not lone bedroom gamer.

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The story is too old to be commented.