Hideo Kojima Working With 5pb. CEO On New Adventure Game

Andriasang: "Shikura is about to become known throughout the world for more than just his good looks and his voice actress scandals. Based off a new interview at 4gamer, it seems that Shikura is working with none-other-than Hideo "Metal Gear Solid" Kojima on a new adventure game."

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rockleex3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I think this is the "taboo" project that Kojima was talking about, seeing as how adventure games are on most publishers/developers' "don't do" list.

I hope we see or hear more about it at TGS.


J-Smith3014d ago

i hope so. i still would love more MGS games for the ps3 tho. a real MGS game with snake[i.e not MGS:R]

ChronoJoe3014d ago

5pb are distinctly, a multiplatform developer.

Nothing they make, is ever released outside of Japan. So I dunno why you care, anyway.

Focker-4203014d ago

Um, its called importing it. Just because a game is released in Japan doesn't mean you can't play it.

ChronoJoe3014d ago

I didn't say you couldn't do that.

But the amount of people who import are very low, and the amount that speak japanese, play PS3s, and import are much lower.

Mainman3014d ago (Edited 3014d ago )

I am kinda thinking the 'taboo' is, 3 'leader' personalities working on the same project.

All the guys want to take charge of the project and this might end up in a clash between them, jeopordising the project.

1 leader, 1 guy that says the last word is better and easier than 3 guys wanting to have the final say.

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Game-ur3015d ago

I dream of it being a third game like Snatcher and Policenauts, maybe with some influence from Heavy Rain?

Tip: Policenauts can be found fan-translated, works on the PC and PSP

BYE3014d ago

ZOE3? MGS5? Now an adventure game?

Jeez can't this guy make a decision about what he's doing next? He's switching opinions like a girl.

skrug3014d ago

he said ZOE was in the backburner..

Nate-Dog3014d ago

Yeah but before he said anything about making MGS5 he mentioned ZOE3... again, and then like a week later he decides he's gonna put those plans away for a year or so... again. <_<

3014d ago
Kimokima3014d ago

Kojima + Suda + Anime-Style Publisher + Adventure-Genre = Snatcher HD

No doubt. That's what Kojima and Suda called "Project S" ... it's a new Snatcher-Game.

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The story is too old to be commented.