Move vs. Kinect

Rejected Gamer: Seems like copying ideas from others is the name of the game when it comes to the latest and greatest in gaming technology nowadays. Whenever I would talk to a fellow gamer, they would tell me one of the reasons that they didn’t buy a Wii was how stupid the wiggling of the Wii remote and Nunchuck would make them look, as well as the lack of hardcore titles being released on the system.

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-Mezzo-3042d ago

lol, the guy picked Kinect. LMAO.

i'm not saying Kinect will fail, it certainly won't, but imagine playing Killzone 3 in 3D with Move. Can't Frakin Wait.

darkcharizard3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

Move will have such a good variety of supported titles (no list required), while Kinect will have Kinect Sports and Kinectimals.

So it's likely Move will do much better.

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kneon3041d ago

The guy is clearly clueless. I'm not saying his pick was wrong, but he doesn't seem too bright and he has plenty of facts wrong.

No Way3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Iduno I, personally, wouldn't wanna play Killzone 3, with Move.
I'm not sure how well it'd work, is there a video or anything?
Besides, I'd much rather play the Wizard game, with Move.

BubblesDAVERAGE3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

and that is a big in current popular genre...Fps...impossible with Natal with out a super auto aim....Racing...moving forward, ebrake turns , drifting , drag.......Shall i continue

jerethdagryphon3041d ago

i just had a very sillly thought

been playing far to much mirrors edge inching towards the platinium

imagine playing that on kinect

ThatsGaming3041d ago

I don't understand how KZ3 will be so much better with Move? Personally, I prefer sitting on my butt with a "traditional" controller in a FPS (and will when KZ3 comes out). Metroid Prime is the best motion controlled FPS. I felt it was the game and the story that made it good, not the controller.

I find motion controllers annoying for precision games. And although Move will be a precision controller people will probably not enjoy moving around their living room, den, dorm room, or bedroom to play a FPS. They will sit on their butts like most of have for years. Also, many people have a "natural shake" with their hands... How annoying will zooming in for a head shot be in that case?

I really feel that Kinnect, Move, and the Wii are about different types of games (that are attractive to a new type of gamer) more then they are about improving the genres we have today.

There are only a few genres that can benefit from Move, Kinnect, and the Wii. To me they are action sword, traditional boxing, JRPGs, and RTS games. Action swords and boxing because of the hand motions, but the others require a keyboard and motion controllers can change that.

The other genre that may find success in only Kinnect is martial arts games. For some reason I really like the idea but it can only be done if you read full body motion (kicking, jumping, etc).

GarandShooter3041d ago

'And although Move will be a precision controller people will probably not enjoy moving around their living room, den, dorm room, or bedroom to play a FPS.'

Why can't you sit on the couch and use the Move controller for aiming? Where is the need to move around the room?

'Also, many people have a "natural shake" with their hands... How annoying will zooming in for a head shot be in that case?'

It can certainly add to the realism. Ever fire a real rifle with scope, offhand and unsupported? That same exact 'shake' or movement is there, and becomes more noticeable to the shooter as the distance to the target increases. Hell, it's even apparent with pistol shooting. That's the purpose of tripods, bipods, shooting sticks, straps, etc.

The difference is the developer can dampen the amount of wander the sight will have through the software. I'm certainly going to try it before dismissing it as a viable control option.

sikbeta3041d ago

We CAN'T have any of this "kinect vs move" articles UNTIL we see something Real from kinect, I mean we have loads of things about Move, but nothing from kinect aside of the red-ball game and some other article showing a bowling game and a mii-too athletics game that actually didn't work ->

Boody-Bandit3041d ago

I am going to buy Move just so I can whack Skittles over the head with it!

marinelife93041d ago

As soon as he said I heard that you have to have a playstation eye camera to use the move controller I was done reading.

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Bumpmapping3042d ago

He chose Kinect and says the reason he did is because M$ tried some thing new haha yeah apparently you never heard of Eye toy.Been there done that.

T9X693041d ago

Guess you never heard of the Wii. Move, been there done that.

GarandShooter3041d ago

Profound logic, T9X69.

Next, you'll tell us because you rode a tricycle as a kid (probably last week) you've experienced everything there is to experience with wheeled conveyances.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

Bu bu bu Wii was first!!! Yeah, apparently not.

Jrome3041d ago (Edited 3041d ago )

I break it down like this.

Wii has the wiimote.
360 has the kinect.
PS3 has the wiimote + kinect. (PS3 Eye, AND a "wii-mote" lulz aka the Move, which as these guys have pointed out has been in R&D since 2000)

As Sony said when they introduced the Move at E3 2009 or w/e, and I Paraphrase 'We tried motion with the eyetoy and realized you still need buttons for immersion'.

PS3 Eye tracks in 2D..but the move brings it to of both worlds.

jazzking20013042d ago

its too early to compare the 2

Robearboy3041d ago

Both will have their own unique pros and cons, personally i prefer the control pad over anything else so until they create a real life holosuite ala star trek i will leave the motion controllers to my kids

ForzaGT3041d ago

tried and tested vs innovation

you choose

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