Splinter Gamer: Medal of Honor Beta Impressions (Video)

Our impressions of the Medal of Honor Beta for This was recorded on a PS3 on PSN.

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csreynolds3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

Good idea doing an impressions piece on video, but it's pretty uninteresting (too many long pauses between comments).

Plus, you make a few inaccurate comments; controls are actually more like MW2 than BC2, I've played the beta myself.

Could've been better with more time and more research.

splintergamer3204d ago

I must say thanks for the comment I will definitely take this into account next time. It is nice to see a serious comment for once as I was getting sick of seeing the stupid ones.


PLAYWATCH3204d ago

Looks too similar to MW2 which isn't progessive enough imo.